Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy THIS

After not posting anything for exactly one year, I have to jump in here because these 'Occupy Wall Street' jokers have just flabbergasted me with their sub-human 'logic'.

The economy is bad enough today without them causing more trouble. The cities are spending money they don't have to clean up after them, pay the cops, and expend resources. They are clogging up an already overcrowded court system with their stupidity.

What do they want?? Does anyone know? I have not heard any of them state clearly and reasonably what they are protesting. Do they want free money? Great, so do I. Shall I get in line?

Do they want a great job without having to earn it, deserve it, or work for it?
Ha too! But just because I am too lazy to go out and snag my dream job doesn't mean that I think I have the right to have it handed to me!

Do they want the money to be spread out evenly for everyone, so the rich people just give them some of their money? Is that what they want? How about if we have the the college students earing a 4.0 GPA just 'give' the losers some of their high grades, or take their tests for that what they want?

So let me get this straight...they are sitting there with their iphones and laptops rallying against Capitalism...
the very thing that CREATES their toys...

They are protesting that the economy is bad...
while they smash windows, block people from going to their jobs, and disrupt transportation...

They are complaining that their life is not good...
while in New York they are crying to 'Burn this f'ing city to the ground!'

I am not normally one to call people names, but in this case I will make an exception, since we are looking at a bunch of spoiled, ignorant, immature and lazy people whose lack of intelligence is going to adversely affect MY life.

If I am wrong about any of this, feel free to set me straight...

Peace be with you.


  1. JOE!!! It's GREAT to see you and I couldn't agree more!

    Now get your butt back to the blogosphere... please.

  2. I totally agree with you. Well said. Ever since this started I have been unable to figure out what the lazy crybabies want!

  3. OH JOE!!!! I am so glad my "Blue Boy" is back. Missed you.

  4. JOE! What a great surprise to see your post!
    You are not wrong about this. These spoiled brats want everything to CONTINUE to be handed to them on a silver platter. Is the 99% thing correct? Probably! It's time to break out the pepper spray and then make these idiots clean up their mess...

  5. Wow, thanks you guys, for not forgetting about me, I have not forgotten either, I DO continue to browse your posts, I am just to lazy to write anything or post. Happy turkey day!

  6. hi! i'm back as well! stop by my doublewide and let's catch up!

  7. Hey Joe, Sorry just catching up here but I dropped out for a while too, it doesn't appear to me you need any setting straight as you have once again hit the target.

    Talk Soon my Friend

  8. Hey Joe! I just recently started posting again - and I looked for you! Doesn't look like you've been on here too much. Hopefully you'll see this and drop by to say hi. :)

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