Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign...

I am inspired by Bossy Betty to post some of my pictures of some signage.
For some reason, I see it as 'art'.

I guess we should start with food purveyors...they are some of my favorite.
Lisa's is our favorite coffee shop my mom and I go to when I visit her in California:

Freeway signs nearby:

Neighborhood Stop sign, and the logo on my mom's Buick

How many people do you know who would take a camera into an airplane lav?

Servicing the automobile:

I like to take pictures of the different signs in the gate areas of airports:


Are these children slow? The kid in the sign looks pretty buff, huh?

Warning sign on some kind of arcade game. Love the mis-placed comma, and the
implication that an accident would really be unexpected!

I would like a discount on this 'Frangrance'.
This is why you should always have a camera with you.

Peace be with you.


  1. Those signs really are art. I love the NASA one. It seems so 1960's retro now. Remember when we were kids and everything was so 'space age?'

  2. Joe! Thanks for giving me a shout-out and letting me know I inspired you. Perhaps someday I'll inspire you to include me in your will.

    BLESS YOU! (Wink)

  3. I'm confused, what is an open floor? Is there some big hole on the floor? and how is sounding the horn going to help?

  4. Really cool pics of various kinds of signs. Thanks!!

  5. Carls Jr or Hardees? same star and you gotta love them both.

    Maybe that's why the frangrance is 20% off, can't spell it do you really want to smell it.

    Cool signs Joe, really enjoyed them my Friend.

  6. Cocotte...1960's? I don't think you were around yet back then!

    Hey, Betty, you don't want to be in my will...I have nothing of value!

    Baygirl...at the oil change places, there IS an big hole in the floor that drive your car over, and the workers are in a room under your car, they just have to reach up and open the oil plug.

    Thank you Dr. Soooooosieee!

    I am not aware of Hardees, Jimmy, but we don't have either one of them here in Texas...I wish!

  7. Joe - JFK was president when I was born. But you keep thinking of me as a young'un!

  8. Hahaha yup, I love the last one. And the sign with you name on it really had me laughing, since instead of "Joe's crab shack" , I'd read "Joe's grab shack". Different kind of meaning for just one misread letter !

  9. I also love signs. There is something very retro about many of them. I'm gonna have to post some photos also. I wish you'd post some more of those pics where you toss items in the air. they were really cool...