Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Random Quotes

Some more random quotes that I have collected over the years:

Sexually suggestive lines from the Star Wars trilogy...

"Get in there you big furry oaf, I don't care what you smell!"
"Luke, at that speed do you think you'll be able to pull out in time?"
"Put that thing away before you get us all killed."
"You've got something jammed in here real good."
"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"
"You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought."
"Sorry about the mess..."
"Look at the size of that thing!"
"Negative, it didn't go in."

A baby-sitter is a teenager who comes in to act like an
adult while the adults go out and act like teenagers.

Every day, from here to there...funny things are everywhere.
-- Dr. Seuss

Life is like playing a violin solo in public, learning the
instrument as one goes on.

What can you say about a society that says that God is dead
and Elvis is alive.

If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had
a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire.

The old system of having a baby was much better than the
new system, the old system being characterized by the fact
that the man didn't have to watch.

Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms
with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them.

A true gentleman is a man who knows how to play the
bagpipes -- but doesn't.

Peace be with you.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Music...The World

Uh...I'm not really sure what was meant by this one. I'm not even sure
where the title came from. Maybe just an introspective query into the meaning of life?

I am doing this one by myself.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The Link and the lyrics appear below:

The World

1. I, I own the world
As everyone with me does
I, I'm fire and sky
And so are you

We all own the world
We all are the world
We live in the world
We live everywhere

2. I live everywhere
I speak in every tongue
I live in my world
And so do you

Where do you live?
I live everywhere
Where do you live?
I live in my world

3. I haven't got answers for you
There are no clues to give you
The only hints are inside you
The world won't change without you

4. We can change the world
It's all a part of us
We're part of the rock
The air, the sea

We come from the land
We go back to the dust
Can we make some love
While we're here?

Wo, wo vons du?
Ich vone uberall
¿Donde vive tu?
Vivo en mi mundo

Où habitez-vous?
J'abit ici
Where do you live?
I live everywhere I am

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rules To Live By

In my relentless quest to make life easier for you, I hereby present you with
these common-sense rules to live by:

1. Don't buy extended warranties

The way I figure it, if your product ain't good enough to last longer than the
original warranty, I don't want it anyway.

This applies to major appliances, cameras, cars, computers, etc.

2. When you are running a PC program that crashes, and the window
comes up and asks if you want to 'Send a report to Microsoft', the
correct answer is always

3. When your computer tells you there is an update to a program
and you need
to install the update, if everything is running fine,
and there are no problems
or issues at all, the correct answer
is "No, do not update"

The only exception to this rule might be anti-virus software...but I have
strong opinions on this as well.

4. When you are flying, ALWAYS plan on getting to the security
line at least
two hours before your flight.

You're either going to hang around at home waiting and wasting time, or you will be
at the airport being bored...but personally, I would rather waste my time at the
airport having the security line finished. You might as well be at the gate waiting
instead of at home.

(Besides, at the airport, you can people-watch, which is always great entertainment).

5. For that matter, when flying, if at all possible, NEVER check a bag.

No matter where I go, or for how long, I can always get by with just one carry-on.
The hassle of having to wash more clothes while traveling, or having to buy stuff
that you have forgotten to pack is well worth the peace of mind you feel while flying,
knowing that when you arrive, you can just grab your bag and walk off the plane, and
be done with it.

6. When you buy anything, and they want you to register the
product, or send
in the registration card, or register on-line...
ALWAYS decline.

The only thing you are doing is putting yourself on another mailing list.

7. When driving to an un-familiar destination, always memorize
the last off-ramp
BEFORE the one you want, or the last street
BEFORE the one you are to make your
turn on.

Even if using GPS, this can be quite handy.

8. When you are just about to make an expensive, big-ticket purchase,
hold off and wait one more day before buying it.

9. Finally, if you are looking for ways to save big money on the latest gadgets,
then you should check out this post of mine!

How did you ever survive without me?

Peace be with you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Music...She's Mine

While Ray and I were roomies in Orange County in the mid-1980's,
a female friend of someone we knew was visiting from England.
We convinced her to lend her vocal to this song.

Visiting Briton Sue: The female vocals.
Me: The male vocals, piano, bass, acoustic guitar, and drums.
Ray: Electric guitar
Another friend John does the flugel solo...a very nice small type
of bugle.

The tape got chewed up at the very end of the song, so what was
supposed to be a nice slow fade-out turned into a choppy mess that
just cuts out all of a sudden. I was very lucky to salvage what I
could from this, seeing how our female guest star had to go back
to England.

I made her a copy of this and sent it home with her, we never heard
from her again.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The Link and the lyrics appear below:

She's Mine

1. What should I do?
When everything I say makes you run from me
What should I say?
When everything I do makes it hard to be

I should understand that something ain't right anymore
But something about you, girl
Won't let me alone

2. Don't walk away
I just want to hold you one more time
Listen to what I say
I only want to kiss you one more time

Stay until it's light, and I know you'll want some more
Give me a chance, girl, I'll prove it to you

C. I don't understand
Why this has to be
I don't understand
Why this girl has a hold on me
But she's mine, and I won't let her go
She's mine, and I want everyone to know

3. You say you have to leave
What can I do to make you stay?
In me you must believe
I'll make your night as bright as day

Come and fill my heart, I want to be with you
But if you leave me now, I'll dry up and die


Peace be with you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Random Quotes

Some more random quotes that I have collected over the years:

The cow is nothing but a machine that makes grass fit for
us people to eat.

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job.
Depression is when you lose your job.

When more and more people are thrown out of work, unemployment results.

Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
-- Me

Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, and a
dark side, and it holds the universe together.

There are three ways to get something done:

1. Do it yourself.
2. Hire someone to do it for you.
3. Forbid your kids to do it.

The probability of someone watching you is proportional to
the stupidity of your action.

An effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.

Die, v.: To stop sinning suddenly.

Acquaintance, n.: A person whom we know well enough to
borrow from, but not well enough to lend to.

Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house
as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.

Peace be with you.

Friday, October 8, 2010

More Music...On The Beach

I figure, what the heck...

1. I'm gonna be out of touch all weekend
2. Probably not going be blogging regularly in the future anyway!
3. So I got nothin' to lose by posting something really bad...

Unless you have an open mind, lots of tolerance for a fairly
dis-jointed and badly-mixed tune, and LOTS of time on your hands,
don't even bother listening to this one.

It is based on a book of the same title by Nevil Shute, a tale
about an American sailor who happens to be in Australia when a
global nuclear holocaust is launched.

I am doing everything in this song, hence the bad timing in many

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The Link and the lyrics appear below:

On The Beach

I would have thought the time was past now
Seeing how this world has turned out
But don't let your guard down for a moment
Nuclear is still here, and so is greed

I wouldn't say that way down South is safe
Far away from mighty nations North
So says Nevil in his glass submarine
He found that being last is not alive

Some will race their motor cars
And some will drink their wine
And some will buy a diamond and a toy
For a family they know is no longer alive

The last American can stay true
To his family in a past far from reach
And miss them so, he waits in vain
On the beach

And Nevil told a story that opened my heart
And when his tale ended, tears flooded my eyes
About people tending gardens
They knew they would never see
And taking care of babies
They knew would never talk

And so they were the last to die
And too, too late to teach
Everything came to an end
On the beach

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Wednesday

Sometimes, when utility companies give you rebates for credits
or over-payments, they are now using debit cards that you can use.

Do you know that the last time we got a rebate from TXU Energy,
it was for a lousy 46 cents?

They do that because they know you are most likely not
going to be using that card. But even so, don't you think
it must cost them more than that to do the paperwork on
the account, MAKE the card, and mail it you??? Why not just
credit the account?

This is a thing that makes me go "hmmm..."

Good lines from oldie music over the years. Some are probably real easy,
others you won't even know if you are under 40 years old:

Hey hey ma, said the way you move
Gon make you sweat, gon make you groove

Well, I take whatever I want
And baby, I want love

If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

I met a gin-soaked bar-room queen in Memphis

I'm the friendly stranger in the black sedan
Won't you step inside my car?

Peace be with you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Life Is Good

Soccer Mom was kind enough to mention me in an award! Kind of flattering,
considering how little I have been posting lately!

Now, I am supposed to answer some questions, which I will do, since I haven't posted
for a few days anyway, and I am also supposed to mention 6 other fab people I know.

I won't require them to do the same thing, since I am easy, but I will just mention
them anyway, how's that?

Onto the questions:

1. If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing it that way; if you are not
anonymous do you wish you had started out anonymously so you could be
anonymous now?

I don't mind not being anonymously anonymous...

2. Describe one incident that shows your inner stubborn side.

I stubbornly refuse to answer this question!

3. What do you see when you really look at yourself in the
in the mirror?

Someone who looks like they are getting older, but inside, I am still 25.

4. What is your favorite summer cold drink?


5. When you take time for yourself, what do you do?

Play music, mess on the computer, watch late-night TV.

6. Is there something you still want to accomplish in your
life? What is it?

The only thing I hope to accomplish some day is legitimate retirement.

7. When you attended school, were you the class clown, the
class overachiever, the class shy person, or always
ditching school? Describe who you were if not one of these.

I was the school loser.

8. If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very
poignant moment in your life, what do you see?

The first time I changed a poopy diaper for The Daughter.

9. Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog
or are you more comfortable writing posts about other
people or events?

I am pretty comfortable sharing most things.

10. If you had the choice to sit and read or talk on the
phone, which would you do and why?

I would much rather sit and read...I talk all day at work.

And some of my favorite folks, with absolutely NO pressure to send out any more
awards...but I WOULD like to see the answers to the questions from ya'll...

Bossy Betty...
But bossy in a very GOOD way.

The Non-Review...
Something different every day.

Jimmy's Opinion

From the MIND of JOHN!

Pat Tillet...
Poet, Photographer, world traveler, veteran.... it goes on and on...

Cut & Dry...
Beautiful photos of lovely places...a most fetching and beautiful person...

Peace be with you.