Casual Life Observations

These are the sometimes amusing outlooks I have of life in general, and some of my experiences... 

Putting Up The Tree
In which I explain why I hate decorating for the Holidays
Emptying the Tank
In which I relate the importance of hitting the road with an EMPTY tank
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
In which I outline my phobia for having all clocks set to exactly the same time
Understanding Buzzwords
In which I try to understand the cryptic language of Big Business
...May Cause the Following Side Effects
In which I discuss which is worse...the symptom or the cure
Just doing my Civic Duty
In which I successfully make a change for the better
Fair is Fair
In which I outline several ways to save you lots of money
Shopping Adventures
In which I relate a harrowing experience while shopping
Manners Matter
In which I discuss the importance of having good manners
The Marks of Civilization
In which I define what makes a society 'civilized'
The Scam...Part One
The Scam...Part Two
The Scam...Part Three
The Scam...Part Four
The Scam...Part Five
In which I respond to an online scammer and try to taunt and confuse them

Try to find the mistakes in this image
And some more fun in City Life-Part Two
And just a few more Observations in City Life-Part Three

Peace be with you.