Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mrs. King STILL wants to give me Ten Million Dollars!

Mrs. King sent me a reply surprisingly quickly...she
must really be desperate to part with her cash:

Dear Beloved Joey,

Greetings from Mrs. Anita Leticia, thanks for you kind reply to
my letter. I believe that the Lord that makes me to write you
will also help you to do the right thing. I am writing this
letter from a hospital where I have been for three weeks now;
hence I need you to help out in this noble dream of mine since
I am too weak to handle this on my own. Please assist the less
priviledge and gospel in general.

My late husband name is Alahaji Sheik King.
My name is Mrs Leticia Anita.

I told you in my first letter to you that my late husband
deposited this money with a Security Company in Switzerland, I
also told you that my Attorney Barrister Michael Gill Holonis,
whom I have given power to the vital documents concerning this
fund who also is presently in Sierra-Leone Africa will file in
an Application of Withdrawal of the consignment to the Security

All my plans is invest this donation for developing the
of our God Words and to take care of the less previleged. So I
will want you to also use this Donation according to my plans.

Presently I am writing this letter from a Hospital where I have
been taken my treatment, which is why I handed over every thing
concerning this Donation to my Attorney, since he has been my
family Lawyer for 18 years now.

Meanwhile to process the documents that will be used to
withdrawn this consignment from the Security Company I will
some vital information about you on behalf of your
so that I will forward it to my Attorney immediately,
so please
confirm this items as below.

1,your full name
2,your mailing address
3,your telephone and fax numbers.

Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.
God bless you and your family.
Mrs. Anita Leticia King.
Here was my reply:

Dear Mrs. King:

You can't believe how thrilled I was to get your rapid reply.
I am trying to restrain my greed at getting my hands on this ten
million dollars. You did say it was US Dollars, right? Because
if it was, say, Yen, for example, it probably wouldn't even
buy the Sisters in the Abbey a cold 12 pack.

Co-incidentally, I was planning on taking a trip to Africa
soon anyway, as I have just the spot for a new shrunken head
over my fireplace, and I am hoping I can procure one there.
Are you familiar with any of the curio shops in Sierra Leone,
perhaps you have a friend who can take a custom order?

So you say that your husband...Rodney, was that his name?...
Was trying to get to Switzerland with the loot, and he was
late? Was his flight delayed, or what?

I am also sorry that you are in the hospital, here in the
States, I once knew a girl who tried to get breast
and one day they both just fell off. I hope
that doesn't
happen to you.

Anyway, per your request:

My full name is Cappy Joey.

My address follows:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Bumphuk, in the capital of E-gyp

My telephone and FAX lines are currently disconnected,
as I
forgot to pay the bill, so you won't be able to call me.
However, email is always a great way to communicate,
I can just hack into my neighbor's LAN pretty

This money will come in pretty handy in paying the bill.

Please tell me what else I need to do, such as, do you
need bank account numbers, etc...and my thoughts are

By the way, do you have any hobbies? I am a singer in
a punk
band, here is our photo during one of our concerts:

Cappy Joey
Peace be with you.