Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ride Back to Vegas...

Stardate: Saturday, April 20, 2010....

It is time to make the long long drive back to Las Vegas. Since
our flight back to DFW leaves at 11:00 AM, and we had to allow
enough time to return the convertible, we had to leave at 4:30

We groggily got up, said our goodbyes to my mom, and packed up
The Beast. I drove, my sister in the front seat next to me, and
we crammed the back seat full of suitcases, boxes, and The
Daughter. The girls could sleep on the way if they liked, but
this was not going to be easy for The Daughter...she didn't have
room to stretch out, lay down, or do anything except sit there
and be cramped and miserable.

The top stays up during the whole trip back, after all, it is
dark and cold outside. We arrive back in Vegas by about 8:00 AM.
My brother in law is up, and already making us breakfast, as he
knows we will have to head to the airport, turn in the
convertible, and get through security.

So, what have we learned here? Let's recap:

A convertible would probably be a nice toy to have if you can
afford it. If you are OK with parking it in the garage and only
putting down the top for the few weeks out of the year where
it is not either too hot or too cold, then fine. You aren't
going to be using it for the normal family car unless it is just
one or two in it.

My brother in law was happy because my sister had been after
him for a few years to get one, but now that she has had her fun,
she has 'gotten it out of her system'.

And you know, I really feel bad for The Daughter...because she
is the one that was so excited to get it, it was her idea. And
it turned out that she only got to ride in the front seat with
the top down TWICE...the trip from the airport to my sister's
house, and then from my sister's house back to the airport. I
feel really sad for her, because now, when I ask her how she
liked the convertible, she says she hates it!

Peace be with you.


  1. I think of convertibles as vacation cars when you're headed somewhere sunny. Are they practical? No. Are they fun? They can be. Do I enjoy answering questions? Sometimes.

    Great blog about your trip!

  2. I'm sure she'll feel differently when she's old enough enough to drive.

  3. Is your brother in law sending you a terrific gift, considering all the money you saved him? Sounds fair to me.

  4. Convertibles are great! Just as long as they belong to somebody else...

  5. not too crazy about convertibles - they mess up my hair.

  6. I told you this in an earlier comment. I loved my dad's old Mercedes 2-seater convertible, hard top. It was a Sunday car he took out on weekends. I felt so very special sitting next to dad whipping through town. Safe trip home!

  7. Kristy, I think you like to ask questions and THEN answer them.

    Ms. brother in law h as already repaid me by making us such great breakfasts while we were there.

    Convertibles do have their place in society.

  8. The pollen here has been so insane the past few days. Would hate to think you had to clean the inside as well as the outside of all that mess! Someone said it looked like SpongeBob had exploded all over everything!

  9. You live in LV? Dude we are rolling dice next time I head out there.

  10. Pollen bad here too, DW. All the cars have yellow powder on them. My allergies are nuts.
    Geof...I don't live in Vegas, but I have two sisters that live there, we were visitin'.

  11. *Sigh* Of all the faults you found on it, I'd still like to try one..maybe not own one, but definitely just try it once!:D

  12. Most definately worth the experience, Sarah.