Monday, April 12, 2010

The End of the Scam...

I hope I am not boring ya'll with these email scams...I can
almost feel my followers dropping off...which is why I tried to
compress this into one weekend, when blogging is slow.

But just when I thought they had finally figured out I was
pulling their leg, things are finally getting more interesting.
This is what I have been waiting for...the part where I have to
make a commitment, and then try to get them to waste their time
while they see if I actually deliver on anything.

I also now have two contacts whom I can play off each other.
It may be possible to get one of them to think they are being
scammed by the OTHER one.

This urgent email arrived from Dr. Brown early this morning:

Attention: Cappy Joey,

Thnaks for your email and contents noted. I have also recieve
scan copy of your Rolls Royce and with the id.
(My notes: I am surprised he accepted the 'Rolls Royce ID' as
being a legitimate form of ID).

Secondly, there is no time left, since you don't have
international passport at this point, which makes it impossible
for you to come to london immediately. I hereby advice you to
hire a lawyer here and pay him so he can help you go to the
court and get the documents B and C.

Note, other clients, who cannot come use the services of the
lawyer. The cost which you have to pay is US$3,000 only.
I have discuss with the lawyer Mr. John Smith, he has promise to
get these documents on your behalf once you send him the fees of
US$3,000.He confirm that you use his information and sent it
through western union money transfer on his name as follows:

Name : John Smith
Country: London-UK
Amount: US$3,000

Once you make the payment via western union money transfer,
foward the details so that the lawyer can pick up the moeny and
commence working for you immediately.

Waiting for your prompt and urgent response.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Godwin Brown.
I rapidly dashed this back to him:

My good Doctor Brown:

I am happy to report to you that I have located my passport!
I had not lost it after all!

Since you have not responded to my letter where I asked you
WHEN I need to be in London, I have taken the liberty of
sending the $3,000 to Mr. John Smith. Mr. Smith has received
the money, and he also mentioned that I needed to bring
an additional $12,000 US with me to take care of legal fees.
(My notes: they are trying to get me to show up with large
amounts of cash so they can rob me).

Anyway, Mr. Smith will be meeting me at Heathrow tomorrow
evening (Monday). I asked him if I should clear this with you,
but he told me it is already set up. I sent him my flight info,
he will be picking me up at the airport, and he says he will
contact you later on this week.
(My notes: the idea here is to make Dr. Brown think that he has
been ripped off by Mr. Smith).

Please reply to me quickly if I need to do anything else, as I
will be departing within ten hours.

Cappy Joey
Almost instantly, I got this reply back from Dr. Brown:




(My notes: he gave me an international phone number I am
supposed to call. I did not call him, I choose to let this rest
for now. My work here is finished).

My final notes on this:

I cannot take credit for the idea to play them like this. I got
this idea from a gentlemen who published his experiences with
these scammers years ago on this page.

This guy is amazing, and much better than I am. I tried to be as
funny as him, but I fell way short. Although the first time I
tried this a year or two ago, I had one of them running half-way
across India to get to some fake American Express Office to get
the money I had 'wired' them. I almost felt bad for him.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Peace be with you.


  1. I'm gonna have to make a new award for this...LOL...I"m loving it!

  2. Thank you all for your comments over the past few days with this. I was afraid it was going to be boring...but I promise I am done now!
    I didn't expect the spammers to keep replying to my emails.

  3. THAT is so hysterical! Never, ever thought about replying to those ridiculous emails, much less playing them against one another. Classic! I'm always afraid to open them, thinking they may be a virus.

  4. It wasn't boring at all! I love when assholes like this get a taste of their own medicine. I'm surprised they played along for as long as they did... it was pretty obvious you were being fececious early on.

    And that guy running across India for your ficitious wire? I guarantee you -- he deserved it. I saw an episode or Addicted once, where this guy kept sending money and sending money, each time thinking he was going to get that windfall, and the asshole on the other end of the phone kept wringing more and more money out of him (and verbally belittling him at the same time). It made me sick.

    Go Cappy Joe!

  5. I think you did what we all wish we could do!

  6. Don't forget,'s Cappy JOEY!

  7. Thanks Joe!
    and the heat has not been too bad here!
    Its nice enough that we can roll down the windows while driving!

  8. Hahaha. I get these emails all the time.


  9. i tried it once by telling them to deduct the fees from the lotto money i supposedly won and wire me the money. they didn't buy it. darn.

  10. Oh my gosh, I just read all the story and can't believe you actually did that?!? That's so COOL!! Man, they really would believe or do anything for the cash, right? I wondered when they were going to start asking for it! Your Rolls-Royce card was hilarious! I love this kind of story, because it's one up for us, and one down for those #@!$#@ scammers out there!
    Besides, I'm kinda sickened that they use God's name to talk about their actions. Jerks!

  11. Ha Ha! this is Hilarious! For some unknown reason, these same scams hit my in-box about a year ago. I was receiving about 15 to 20 of them a DAY!!! All a different slant on the same theme - someone died and had no kin and these nice Nigerians picked me to receive the wealth, etc, etc. I spent a little time having fun with a few of them too. I think we'd get along real well, Joe! :-)

  12. Nice Joe,

    This was so funny I just loved it when you got the email stating "UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO MEET WITH MR. SMITH!!" I can just see his mind racing.

    These scammers need a swift kick in the pants once in a while, you did good.

  13. Dateline is doing a story about these scams, right now!