Friday, April 9, 2010

Would you want to Live Forever?

While it might be tempting to say you want to live
"forever"...especially if you have no belief in God or an
afterlife...unless you were able to keep it stimulating, I don't
see how you could not become bored after a time. This of
course implies that you don't have to be working all this time,
which leads to the fact that you would have to have an
unlimited supply of cash.

So if we are going to live forever, that would have to mean
total immunity from disease or injury. We would have to be
'invulnerable' like Superman. This might make things more fun
right off the bat, as we could not only save money by not having
health insurance or doctor visits, but we could also travel in
the world freely without the danger of falling victim to thugs,
terrorists, or the effects of war.

This leads me to my belief that human cruelty on other humans
is one of the most shameful aspects of our world today. The earth
is such a beautiful place, and it would be so awesome to be able
to go anywhere in the world, and visit different cultures, and
experience different customs without worrying about the danger
from deviant and insane human beings.

You could spend a huge amount of time traveling, and I don't
know that forever would even be enough time to see it all.

"Forever" would probably mean as long as the earth is in
existence, which could reasonably be as long as the Sun is
stable...say, at least a few billion more years, or until humans
destroy the planet. Believing in God as I do, I would only be
willing to have a very long life span if I could spend the time
doing what I want to do, and have my family and friends stay
alive with me.

But in the end, I would hope that I could go to an even better
life when I eventually die. When you think about it, though, being
in heaven would be much the same thing, only better...because
now you have a whole infinite UNIVERSE to explore, in the
company of all your beloved friends and family. And what better
tour guide can there be but God?

Peace be with you.


  1. The only way that we could live forever would be if our Holy God would allow it. Because of sin we are condemed to die phsyically, but because of our faith in Jeuse we have eternal life with God. So I guess we, who are Believer's, will live forever and ever. God bless, Lloyd

  2. I would not want to live forever. Having to watch everyone you love die over and over... the lonliness would be palpable. I am not afraid of death. It is the natural order of things. I have seen enough people die to know there is no cheating it...

  3. Joe, I am so afraid of dying, you have no idea. As a teen, I actually contemplated suicide by taking pills in order to avoid a painful incident such as a plane or car wreck or murder. The thought of the pain as opposed to just drifting off to sleep seemed so much better. I'm such a controlling person that the thought of not having the control over when and how I die makes for this internal struggle.

    I don't follow any religion, I have issues with the Catholic church having been raised Catholic most of my life. I wish I knew what for sure happens when we go. Is there really hell? Is it like the nuns taught me, if we confess before death, we'll be OK?

    Very moving post. Thanks.

  4. Lots of things to think about here. I'm OK with moving on. I think the next adventure will be fun!

  5. Good point, Lisa. I wouldn't want to see all my friends die..
    Ally, I am a Catholic as well.
    Simply put:
    Heaven is being with God.
    Hell is being apart from God.
    We choose what we want during life, hence, 'free will'. Nobody gets 'sent' to Hell, God does not do this. We decide on our own.
    And yes, no matter how much we screw up during our life, if we repent and follow God, we will be with Him.
    And Heaven will be greater than we can possibly imagine:

    No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.
    1 Corinthians 2:9

  6. Personally, I think living is the hard part. Though I've haven't done it yet, I think death sounds less scary. Not sure how I would feel, if I didn't believe there was something beyond this.

  7. Not a lot is said about what eternity with God will be like, but what there is, always leaves me excited. The earth is a fallen version of what was intended and I wouldn't want an eternity here as it stands. I enjoy this life and all it has, but I am looking forward to the next all the more.

  8. I believe in reincarnation, although I'm really not willing to waste time debating whether or not that constitutes living forever. Very thought-provoking post...thanks! :)

  9. I don't want to live forever.
    The thought actually depresses me.

  10. That was my question from Sarah... I don't think forever-ever. Maybe a few centuries -- provided that I live a good life and don't have to struggle. Guess my forever is conditional, lol. At some point though, it has to end.

  11. Lol.@ Kristy...I'm sorta thinking the same thing. Maybe if I was like The Highlander kind of immortal...(remember that great show)....

    I have my own issues with the church, but that doesn't stop me from believing in God, or from believing that he has a plan for me. ( I just wish I listened a little better).

    Living forever is a bit much of a catch 22 for me. See it all but at the expense of immeasurable heartache...I would have to pass..

  12. I wouldn't want to live forever. Maybe 1000 years or so. I would miss my family and friends that I had made along the way.

    No what would happen if you could live forever and the world did end because of the sun dying, what would you do then? That would be a lot of boredom

  13. Ineresting subject...
    I’ll leave the philosophical and religious implications to others.

    I wouldn’t want to live forever. But I would like to live for a few hundred years or so. Not so much in the future, but in the past.
    I’m thinking 1800 until 2200…
    So much has happened in the past 200 years, I'd like to have seen it happen.