Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Wednesday

I am gonna jump on the Random Bandwagon here. I got a few
random stuffs to say:

I do pick up loose change when I see I see it laying on the
ground. Quarters for sure, dimes and nickels, yeah, and pennies
too, if they are heads-up. If they are heads-down, I turn it
heads-up and leave it there for the next person to find.

The best part about having a day off from work is the night
before. I love to sit down in front of the tube and just zone
out. Hopefully I can find an interesting science show on Nat Geo
or something, a show about the universe, a Nature show, How
It's Made, Dirty Jobs, Survivor, Myth Busters...something that
is entertaining and interesting without being too heavy.

I revel in the luxury of getting sleepy, and not caring what
time it is, or what time I have to get up in the morning.

You know that I love all you crazy bloggers out there, and
commenting is a joy of interaction...but I gotta tell ya...this
word verification thing for comments is pretty tough
sometimes. Not that it is so much trouble to type the words,
but trying to decipher them! I mean, come on, what is this?!:

If they didn't make it so hard to read, that would be one thing,
but I sure get frustrated when it tells you "WRONG!!! TRY

Yeah, I know, as a relative newbie who doesn't get a ton of
traffic, I am not plagued with spam, and I know all you pros who
have been around for a few years probably get a lot more, so I

I'm just sayin'.

Peace be with you.


  1. I can't stand that capchta crap or however you spell it. Just sayin there's at least once a week where I write this long diatribe comment and it never makes it. It never makes it because most blogs don't have it and I can't keep track of those that do...and I close windows so...sorry dude...lost comment!

  2. I may take my word verification off again. The Chinese spammers may have moved on!

  3. I've been getting into the "man" channels as I call them. Discovery and NatGeo. Hope I just scored some points with your male followers.

    When I was a kid I squandered pennies and nickles if they fell. Today, I feverishly pick them up and jar them. Why? Once a year I take my collection to CoinStar and get myself a hefty giftcard to iTunes or Amazon :)

    Word Verification is so annoying. So glad I ditched it. As Betty said, the spammers seem to have found somewhere else to creep.

  4. Some word verification are not so bad but they do annoy me nevertheless.

  5. I hate capchta!
    I like finding money also, but it is countered with my slight case of germaphobia...Yesterday I picked up a dollar bill off the ground. I liked it, but had to wash my hands after touching it...

  6. As far as captcha is concerned, I took it off to be more convenient for others. I do get spam now but it's generally on older posts so I ignore it. I don't really mind it on other's, just cause sometimes it's pretty funny reading them like licence plates.

    Also they're hard to read because as part of the purpose for them is in helping computers translate old books that are scanned into computers. The computer can't read all the words, so by doing this it saves someone having to manually type in every old water damaged book.

    That however is just on the ones with two words. One is easy the computer knows, the other is what you're helping with.

  7. Are you serious about the penny story?? That is so CUTE!:P Why do you only pick them when they're heads up?

    I took the caption off mine too, when I realized how to do it ;)

    PS: I LOVE the idea of Random Wednesday!!:D

  8. Well it's great to know that one day, when we're neighbors living in the wilderness, we can watch tv together

  9. I can't stand to pick up change. Can't explain why except its too far away. I'm turning off my word verificaion because I thought I was the only one who was having trouble reading it. I sometimes worry that I AM a computer!

  10. Pat...they say all money, bills and coins, is pretty contaminated with crud.
    Sarah...if you find a penny heads-up, they say it is good luck. Not that I am superstious, but it is fun to play.
    Kristy...I will fight you for the clicker, at least until I fall asleep.

  11. loose change..I don't get a chance my kids have eagle eyes (and my eyesight ain't what it used to be)...

    word verification... :/ I HATE IT! but there are those blogs that i follow who have it, and I still fumble through the process...I manage to get it wrong a few times but what can I do ...

    Nice random post :)

  12. Captcha is the most irritating thing.

    Random is good.

  13. I like your randomness! And I didn't know about the penny thing. I always heard: Find a penny, pick it up. The rest of the day you'll have good luck. I laugh every time I find one because it's always late at night. Maybe I should get out earlier in the day!

  14. I love mythbusters! I agree with you on the word verification. Sometimes I can't decipher it either. I took mine off and haven't had any spam. It's so nice to comment when I don't have to worry about the captcha.