Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Digital Art...Space...The Final Frontier

One of my little hobbies that I like to indulge in when I
have the time is creating digital art. It is a very
creative and time-consuming process, and a single project
takes a while to complete.

Often, you don't really know if it is going to turn out
really cool, or just plain lame until you have already
spent hours and hours on it. But if the results are
garbage, you can sometime salvage something out of it and
just call it 'Abstract'.

(I think the word 'abstract' just means garbage that was
intended to be garbage).

I'll post a few more of these in the future, but for now,
this is my Outer Space Theme.
(Don't forget to click to enlarge).

Base inside the crater wall, and The Lander:

Close to Saturn's Rings and Shattered Mountains on Mercury:

Some imaginary planet somewhere with people getting freaked
out by something:

Peace be with you.


  1. I like these, esp in light of the recent statements made by Stephen Hawking.
    Very cool!

  2. Nice! I'm always intrigued by the unknown.

  3. Very nice!!! I needed to get out of my little world today so these pics were a nice escape!

  4. Wow! You did that??? They look amazing!

  5. It is amazing how much time can be spent working on projects like this, Good work Joe they are impressive.

  6. very nicely done! My favorite is the last one. These are really, really cool.

  7. Your digital art is amazing, keep doing it.

  8. Man those are awesome! I love the mercury one. Great work!

  9. Amazing.
    I love everything to do with space, so this is excellent.

  10. Those are really COOL! I can't believe you did those!! I really love the last one..!:D

  11. Yikes, folks, this is amazing...I didn't know I would get this kind of reaction, you have no idea how surprised I am. Thanks so much for the kind words...maybe I will post a few more in the future.

  12. They look amazing - how on earth did you do it?!