Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mrs. King...Part Four

Now it is getting more complicated, as I am supposed to contact
some guy named Dr. Brown. I think I will follow this a bit more
to see how far it goes.

I am amused that they just blithely ignore my comments about
breasts, and they don't question the fact that I keep raising
the sum that will be given to me.

This email came from Gil:


This is Barrister Michael Holonis.
This is to let you know that I got a mail from Mrs Anita King
the sick lady who wants to donation the sum of $10 million to
you on behalf of the less previlieged.

Note, we have already commence the process of getting this
release to you, however you are required to send scan
copy of
any of your ID, such as

A, International Passport OR Drivers License.
B, You have Sworn Affidavit here in London-UK
C, Notarization and Legalization of Affidavit

For your notice below is the name and address of the Security
Company in Switzerland, so go ahead and contact the security
company on their email address as below:

Utility Trust Finance & Securities Company,
Contact Person: Dr. Godwin Brown, The Account Officer,
Email address: ---------------

Your faithfully
Barrister Michael G. Holonis
I sent this email to Dr. Brown, the Account Officer:

Dear Mr. Brown:

My name is Cappy Joey.

I see that you are a doctor. Let me ask you a question:
I have this rash on my foot that doesn't want to go away. It
makes big bubbles that pop and it is pretty messy.
What do you suggest for that? Should I use a balm?

I wish to change the terms of our agreement. I think I should
get 50% of the 50 million instead of 45%. Mr. Vince Gil told me
that would be ok with him.

In any case, Mr. Gil told me I was supposed to send you a
photocopy of my ID. I should tell you that I accidentally flushed
my normal passport ID down the toilet the last time I was in,
believe it or not, Flushing, New York!
And the government tells me it will take up to SIX WEEKS for
them to send me a new passport!

However, in the meantime, I can send you a copy of my
Rolls Royce
Club ID, just so you can verify who I am.

Does this mean I get to go to London? Yipee! I have always
wanted to go there.
How soon do you need me there? Will I have time to learn the
language? How will I know where to go when I get there?

Please email me back and let me know how to proceed.

Cappy Joey
I got this reply from the good doctor:

Attention: Cappy Joey,

Thanks for your mail with some of the informations which I have
taken note. With regards to your question, I want to clarify by
saying am not a medical doctor and cannot prescribe any
regarding what you ask me.

I have a doctorate degree on Accountancy, an account by
profession. Alsdo about the %, I think 45% which I offer you is
ok and fair for your help and assistance therefore we cannot
change the term for now.
I will wait one more day on this and see if they send me any
more interesting letters. Thanks for bearing with me on this
diatribe, I guess I got bored and wanted to see what would
happen if I actually corresponded with these folks.

Peace be with you.


  1. That is the funniest "sh!t" I've ever!
    I burst out laughing at some of your replies. I get those scams all the time and never thought of leading them on like that. Keep it up, drive them up a damn wall!

  2. By the way Joe, I've nominated and voted you to receive an award, so come on over and grab it and keep bring'in on the laughs.