Original Music

It was with much trepidation and hesitation that I decided
to include some of my music. Some of these songs are
written and performed by myself alone, and some are written
and performed along with my buddy and cohort Ray. I am
doing all the vocals on these songs.

My fear is that I will embarrass myself. What you have to
understand is that we are not professionals, nor are we
using professional equipment. These songs were recorded in
a spare bedroom using a 4-track reel to reel tape recorder.

The quality of the recordings is just not good. I am not a
great singer, I will admit that. But I will humbly state
that I believe the songs themselves are decent
enough...they are a wide variety of styles, they are not
boring, and the musical arrangements are creative.

If you are bold enough to sample some of these, don't
expect to be dazzled. You will hear some off-key singing,
some bad timing, bad mixing, drop-offs, and over-modulation.

Professional engineers can take care of these
problems...your favorite recording stars would have the
same kind of issues if they were recording under our

This is the frustrating part for me...in my head, I am
hearing what the songs would sound like if they were done
in a real studio by professionals. What you hear and what I
hear are different.

The posts listed below contain the lyrics, and a link
to an mp3 file of the song itself. They always sound
better if listened with headphones.

I guess I don't really know why I am putting this out
there. I guess musicians just have to be heard, and writers
just have to be read.

No Woman Version 2
On The Beach
She's Mine
The World
Where's Raymond?

More to be added as I get bolder..
Peace be with you.