Monday, June 14, 2010

More Music...Hold Me

This was written during a period when my bride was doing
a lot of traveling for work. The bachelor life is fine for
a day or two once in a while, but not on an on-going basis.

Lucky for me, she doesn't really do much traveling
any more.

This is just me by myself.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The link and the lyrics appear below:

Hold Me

1. Can't wait until it's dark, my baby
To tell you how much I love you
You sprinkle my life with your spice

My heart is quaking when I'm near you
Can't shake away this feeling for you
You're my gift, you are my wife

2. Don't like it when you travel, baby
But I know at times you have to
But it makes this house get so big

I can't take it like I used to
All alone before I knew you
And now you're here, and I'm okay

C. You put me to bed, and all night you hold me
My cares fall down when you hold me
We fluff the bed, and trap us within it
And I hold you, and then you hold me

3. And now I want to make you happy
Do for you whatever you want to
If I make you smile, then I'm okay

And if you want, I can love you
Holding you, it can't get better
And now you're here, and I'm okay



Peace be with you.


  1. Awwww... Joe! Lovely lyrics and tune too! Did you play the guitar part yourself?

  2. This is such a wonderful gift to your wife. I feel as though I could say those same words to my husband who is the love of my life. He has been there for me in ways that no one else has and I feel blessed everyday that we found one another. We will celebrate our 22 anniversary this year and I really do feel I love him more, am attracted just as strongly and prefer to be with him over any other. It sounds like you share the same feelings for your wife. It seems a miracle that somehow in this vast world we are able to find that one person who seems to make everything right. I guess when it comes to jobs the one you really do love the best is that of husband. Bravo for you and your lovely wife!

  3. Softie! I love it when a husband actually misses his wife, when she's gone.

  4. Very excellent man. I like the music, and I think the lyrics are great.

  5. That is so sweet. What a creative, loving and caring guy. I bet my hubby wishes not only would I find a job, but that it involved lots of traveling.

  6. Ally, you are KNOW that is not true about him!

  7. Your bride had to have loved that one! It would melt my heart if a song like that were written for me.

  8. I think the lyrics are pretty awesome and it's so cute how you wrote them when your wife was cute! I love that!:)

  9. Awww, lovely tune and lyrics. Listening to this it did transport me to magical places!
    B :)
    P.S. It's so great I 've "met" you!!