Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Wednesday

So it is time for my quarterly teeth cleaning today. The good part
is that I get to take a whole day off work. The bad part is, it is
time for my quarterly teeth cleaning today.

Whenever I have a dentist appointment, even for just a simple
teeth cleaning (not that anything dentition-related is simple for
lucky me) I always take the whole day off, because I deserve it.

By the way, one of my recent followers, Dr. Susie Q might be
interested in this post that outlines my last experience with
my dental hygienist.

If you see this, Dr. S, know that I have complete respect for your
field of expertise, it is just that I am one of the unfortunate few
who cannot go to a dentist to have just a simple cleaning or
checkup... and at my advancing years, the maintenance
procedures on my teeth can be a bit trying, if I intend to keep

It always amuses me when my bride goes in for a cleaning, and
she tells me how good if feels, and how relaxing it was, she
almost fell asleep in the chair. I am jealous! The only chair that
I would be sitting in that relaxes me to that point is when I am
getting a haircut.

So, I slept in today!! (Didn't get up till SIX AM!!)
Dentist at 8:30, get home, go for my walk-run, come home, take a
shower, and have a blessed nap. Gotta salvage what I can from
this day.

Peace be with you.


  1. I've never had my teeth cleaned and felt it was relaxing... They aren't gassing her first, are they???

  2. I'm okay with the teeth cleaning part. It's when they send in the "salesman" part that I don't like...

  3. I can't even tell you how I feel about it! *panic attack *white knuckles *sweating

    I'm getting nauseous just trying to comment.

  4. Oh Joe how I wish I could get my hands on you...literally. I would convert you I just know it to the dentist-loving sort. I have my ways.... But in all honesty I am like you. While I really don't mind getting my teeth cleaned I absolutely HATE having anything drilled and filled. In fact, and this sounds kind of silly, but I only trust myself. One time I actually did a crown on myself. My assistant held up up the mirror and I wore my magnification glasses and I drilled, impressioned and temporized myself. I then, a week later, put the crown in the same way. I think I should have you-tubed it...I probably would have gotten a lot of hits.I am thinking there is a blogpost for me in this story. Anyhow...glad you survived your appointment!!

  5. Well, Dr. you make house-calls to Texas? Anyone that can work on their OWN teeth must definately know what they are doing!

  6. Listen Joe, you want relaxing (now I have a feeling you're gonna be all macho but still!) go for a pedicure. Seriously. Men do this, bring your bride or your daughter. Obviously a massage in general is where it's at, but pedicures are inexpensive and feel like heaven!

    As for the dentist, I know what you mean. For me though, it's just the idea of going. They could just sit me in that chair to chat and my heart would race from anxiety.

  7. I went back and reviewed the post you linked to. I am glad all went well today. I wish Dr Soosie made house calls too!!! I can't believe she did her own crown!

  8. Amen to that! My appointment is ..tomorrow!:(
    PS: 6 am is 'sleeping in'? ;)