Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Illustrious Career...Part Fifteen

I worked as a roofer starting in late 1984, slopping hot tar
on roofs of commercial buildings, or doing small leak repairs
with just a smaller amount of a cold tarry substance called
'mastic'. You might think that this kind of work paid a lot
of money, but it really didn't. It was seasonal, with lots
of slow times, and when it rained, we could not work at all.

(It really doesn't rain much in California, but like the old
song says...when it DOES rain, it rains a lot).

Early in 1985, while I was still technically 'working' for
the roofing company, I really wasn't, as they began to find
enough work for me less often.

I finally took a job as a medical courier, where I was to
deliver audio recordings of medical procedures to different
offices of people who would then transcribe them. This work
was more steady, but it was also sedentary, as I was doing
nothing but driving all day. I had to use my own car, but
since they paid for all the gasoline, it was worth it to me.

I was driving a pretty nice 10-year-old Buick LeSabre...which,
by the way I had purchased because the real estate people
told me I had to get so I could have a comfortable car to
drive people around in when showing houses.

It did not get very good mileage, but gas was a lot cheaper
then, and they were paying for it. Still, I was burning a tank
of gas per day. I soon got VERY tired of driving. And even though
I really never had much luck in any of the sales jobs I had
tried, I decided to give it another try...I was now going to
be a MEAT salesmen!

Peace be with you.


  1. I cna't imagine working with hot tar during california summers. I'm waiting for the meat sales job. I assume you're talking about the driving around the neighborhoods type of meat salesman...

  2. Wow...from roofing to driving to meat eclectic. I am curious about this meat thing. What kind of meat and to whom did you sell it to? I guess I must wait until illustrious part 16!! It seems you have covered all sections of the "want"ads in the LA times.

  3. If variety is the spice of life... you must be quite spicy!

  4. A variety of jobs sounds interesting, tough though. You're my hero!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. You were a roofer too? That's a pretty tough job, especially when it's burning hot outside! It must be really hard. And seriously, you sold about everything!

  6. OK, I am starting to think you are making this stuff up. When you start talking about your modeling/dancing with Chippendales career I am going to get very suspicious....

  7. Hey, I really am not making this stuff up.
    And I have lots more to driver, car salesman, plumber, purchasing, real estate appraiser, lots more sales jobs...
    No, Betty, Chippendale dancer is not on the list...BUT...I did attempt to get a job as a male escort...totally legit, I swear, but the owners of the racket were thieves, and took all our money and left town.

  8. Jack of all trades as they say, the good thing about all of this is knowing what each job entails rather than not having a clue, learning all of these trades is a good thing.

    Slopping Tar in the California Sun had to get old really quick.