Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Wednesday

I hate going outside to get the mail every day.
It's not GETTING the mail that I don't enjoy, but
the mail itself.

The only mail we get is going to be either bills or
junk mail (except for the odd birthday card, Christmas
cards, etc).

I agree with Harry Potter's nasty little uncle...
"Sunday is great because there is NO POST!"
I would just as soon never get any mail at all.
One of the most distasteful chores that I have to do at
home is taking out the trash. Now mind you, it is not
the physical act of emptying the trash can in the kitchen,
nor do I have to be prodded to always 'take out the trash'
like you always hear about.

No, what I hate is the fact that this house of mine
generates so much trash! The part that bugs me is having
to grab a trash bag, run upstairs, empty all the trash
cans up there and then shag it all back downstairs again.

I cannot for the life of me understand how the trashcan
in our bathroom, The Daughter's bathroom, and the upstairs
office can fill up with so much garbage in just a few days.

It is not me that dumps stuff in them...the things I do
don't create any trash. I throw away an empty toothpaste
tube every so often, or maybe a razor blade.

But sure enough, if I look, there is discarded printer
paper, cellophane wrappers, clothes hangers, clumps of
hair pulled off hairbrushes...(not from MY head, I can
assure you!).

Peace be with you.


  1. i agree.
    nothing good ever comes in the mail!

  2. HA! I've got a son who has inherited that job.

  3. You're right..the only thing awesome that comes in the mail is the birthday card from my grandma! The worst for me, yet, is the nice postcard from the dentist's office to remind me of my next appointment!

  4. You made a Harry Potter reference! Tee hee!

  5. What a cute post, Joe.
    I'm with you. Nothing good ever comes in the mail.
    But who knows, maybe some day it will!!
    Have a great day!
    ~B :)

  6. Taking out the trash is my job also and funny thing is it includes a lot of the stuff that came in the mail :^)

  7. I am guilty of being a big generator of trash. I am a neat freak and love to discard of things I no longer want...into the trash. I know I shouldn't but it is like an addiction for me. My trash cans are full on a daily basis. I think you might have a heart attack if you saw the trash generated at my office...Yikes.

  8. Hey, Jimmy, good point, you are right. Most of what comes in the mail ends up in the trash!

    Dr. Sue...I love to discard things too, I hate clutter and useless knick-knacks, so that kind of thing I will get rid of if I can.

  9. Joe!!! I leave for one stinkin' day and you turn into a grump? Oh, honey. You need your daily dose of Betty.

  10. This is my hubs only task and he hates doing it. I even gather up all the trash and place it near the door and he still can't stand doing it and apparently forgets most days so I end up taking it to the dumpster in our complex any way!

  11. I hear you about the garbage. What exactly do the kids do in there that causes the trash can to fill up so fast?

  12. Thanks for commenting, you guys rock.

  13. Amen to that Joe! Where does all this stuff come from?
    I do know that the packaging of items is such a huge waste of resources

  14. gee I'm embarrassed when I think of the trash cans in my house! they get emptied on a daily basis and they are all full but actually it's a good thing! at least we throw garbage in the trash and not on the floor!