Monday, June 7, 2010

Ian's Monday Minute

Well, I know this is late, but we just got back from dropping
The Daughter off at summer camp, and technically, it is still
Five weeks of no Daughter will be interesting...I already miss
her...but the house is quiet...too quiet....

For this belated Monday Minute, I think Ian wanted us to ask
our kid 5 questions, and record her answers.  Here are the
answers I got from The Daughter:

1 - What's your favorite book/story?
I don't read?? But- Where the Heart Is, by Billie Letts

2 - What do you want to do when you grow up?
Marine Biologist

3 - What is your favorite game?
Hide and seek:)

4 - What's your favorite food?
Ice cream

5 - Insert your own question to ask your kid
(I made The Daughter make up her own question here, I was not
able to think of anything good. She came up with two, but
but she didn't answer the first one. I think that is an
imponderable...there IS no answer.)

Why are parents so lame?-------
what's your favorite color?

Peace be with you.


  1. AW you miss her already! Do you think she will miss you too?

  2. In a few days you will get used to her being gone and start to enjoy the peace and quiet and clean house. Can you tell I am trying to convince myself and prepare myself for when my son leaves for college (Katie's already gone) and my nest will be permanently hoo!!!???

  3. Guess you'll have to make your own noise. Loud crying helps.

  4. Loved her answers. Why do I imagine eye-rolling when I read them?

    She'll be home soon, Daddy!

  5. Great answers! Awww, how we miss our children when they are gone..
    But look, times goes by so fast and she'll be home REALLY soon!

  6. "Why are parents so lame"..that's hilarious!! She'll be gone for 5 weeks?! That's a lot, but it goes by really fast (for the kid anyway)! I did the same thing and I almost refused to come home after the 5 weeks, because I loved it so much there. She'll miss ther dad though, don't worry ;)