Originally, my blog was just going to be about one of my favorite hobbies, photography.
Then, I realized I didn't have many good pictures to it turns out to be about photography only sometimes...

A method to duplicate the same subject several times in a single photo

I Took a Photo, but I Wasn't There!!
In which I discover that sometimes, it is best to NOT take the photo, even
though you might want to!!

Snow in DFW
A rare day in North Texas where we get real snow, instead of  just sleet
or freezing rain

Aftermath of Snow in DFW
More snow than the area is used to
The Invasion
An invasion of birds
In which I reveal the secret of apparent levitation
Photos from our trip to Arkansas in August of 2009
More Random Photos
I guess just more random stuff, more Levitation, and more Duplicity
Too Much Manipulation?
Sometimes, too much Photoshop is too much
Special Effects in the Dark
Fun stuff with light in the dark
The Convertible at Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas
The Convertible Takes On The Strip
The Strip at night
Beautiful Azusa Canyon
Taken in Southern California
The Daughter 'In Concert'
Manipulation to make it look like The Daughter is singing at a concert
Old Grapevine Railyard
Railyard in my city
Dropping Off The Daughter at Summer Camp
Mid-term at The Daughter's Camp
Summer camp in Kerrville, Texas, SE of San Antonio, E of Austin
The on-going but slow de-construction of a building
Shadows at the End of the Day