Sunday, May 9, 2010

Old Grapevine Railyard

I really love living in my quiet little town. It is more urban
than I would prefer, and I won't be living here forever, but it is
not a bad place to be. We have a quaint old downtown, with lots
of photo ops.

So on a clear sunny day last spring, I went to our old...but
still active...railyard. I love old trains, they make such
great subjects to photograph.

I wish I could get inside this old caboose, but it is locked:

The old Grapevine mill across from the tracks:

An old locomotive inside the roundhouse, which I was allowed to
enter to take these pictures:

A not-quite-so-old locomotive that is no longer being used:

And a more modern diesel loco that does most of the work:

I don't believe this old tanker is used anymore:

And this is a real working turntable that was built in 1927:

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Peace be with you.


  1. Once again very cool photos. i wonder where you live? it seems like a great place where there is a variety to photograph.

  2. Nice photos there buddy!
    I love trains and they are great subjects.

  3. how cute I love old trains!

  4. Nice subject, very cool shots.

    Love your blog :)

    K xx --

  5. How I love old trains! They are very appealing to me. Great shots!
    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Love these shots. I am a sucker for trains.....

  7. The old steam locos are still my favourites. We still have one running day trips here in South Africa. Lovely tourist attraction.

  8. These are some awesome photos, Joe! Great work!

  9. Well Joe, thanks for showing them to us!!;) I think the old locomotive is really cool; it must be impressive to see it for real!

    PS: I was standing in the subway, last week, and started humming a song..I kept asking to myself where I heard it before and what it was, before realizing that it's the one I downloaded from your blog :P I had the two first lines playing in repeat in my mind!

  10. Thanks, you guys are great as usual.
    Dr Soosie...I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, what we like to call DFW.
    Hey, Powa chair...they still have one working steam locomotive there too, but it was out on a run that day and I couldn't get a photo, but I do have others.
    Thanks for letting me into your head, Sarah.