Monday, May 10, 2010

More Music...Follow Me

The lyrics are not really anything special, but I wanted
to toss this out there as it was one of my early attempts
to create a song in stereo. However, the stereo won't be
readily apparent unless you listen with headphones...the
way all music should be heard anyway, in my opinion.

It is me playing everything this time.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The link and the lyrics appear below:

Follow Me

1. I've had it with these ups and downs
With these grins and frowns
And these run-arounds

I'm going where it is always fine
Where she's always mine
And the bestest wine

C. Follow me, go ahead
Fail, you won't, it's in your head
Make yourself do all you can
Let yourself be who you are

2. Don't quit tryin' 'till your all done dying'
Pay yourself respect
And do what you must

I don't know no, 'cause it's not a word
No is not a word that I have heard


Peace be with you.


  1. A song writer...awesome!!! To me songs are the greatest kind of poetry. Great effort!!!

  2. Loved this one! So inspiring!I'm in awe of these lyrics.
    The #C is so true.
    Hope your week ahead is a great one! :)

  3. :)
    i really liked this one.

  4. You guys are too kind. I mean, nobody is going to say "hey, it sucks!" but it would be ok if you did. I can't listen objectively, and in my head I hear how it SHOULD sound if it was done by real professionals, so I overlook the 'suckiness'.

  5. Rockin' Baby! Love the lyrics too! The sound was fine to my unprofessional ears.

  6. Agree entirely about the headphone thing.

    Nioely done. Great lyrics!


  7. Great lyrics. Really liked it! :-)

  8. This one is definitely joining the other one on my computer!! Do you have any idea how feel-good your songs are?!? These really make my mood sky-rocket! Thanks so much, Joe!:D

  9. The beginning of the song reminds me of The Rolling Stones. That's a good thing. =)