Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Wednesday

Am I the only one who thinks that the 'Burger King Guy'
is creepy?

Am I the only one who 'rotates' toilet paper like you do
with food? (You know, how you put the oldest stuff in front,
and the new stuff in the back).

I doubt if toilet paper 'goes bad', or becomes un-usable
over a period of time. In fact, toilet paper is one of the
few commodities that doesn't 'go bad' UNTIL it is used...
As many are aware, IHOP (which is pretty much my favorite
place to go for breakfast) often has discounts for Senior
Citizens, which for them is age 55 and older. For me, that
will be in slightly over one more year. Yes, I can dig it,
who doesn't like discounts:

But I do find it somewhat amusing that when I was 21 I got
carded to buy beer, and now I will be carded to buy

Peace be with you.


  1. No, you're not the only one!!
    You just put a smile on my face.
    Hope your day is a great one!

  2. LOL, I love the way your mind works -- and YES BK is creeparific!

  3. I am both repulsed by and drawn to the Burger King. What does that say about me?

    Perhaps you could get a beer WITH those pancakes. That's living!

  4. When you show your age like I do, they offer the senior discounts verbally, whether you want them or not. They were doing it before I even qualified! Yes, the Burger "King" is creepy!

  5. Hey Joe,

    I have to agree all the way around, the Burger King guy is so creepy I refuse to go there and I rotate everything because the newest stuff just goes to the back---thats just the way it's supposed to be even with toilet paper.

    Discounts are good and it wont bee too long till I will be getting in on the senior discounts too, I loved this:

    "when I was 21 I got carded to buy beer, and now I will be carded to buy pancakes!"

  6. I don't eat fast food...but that is just me. However, I have to agree..that guy is creepy looking.

  7. Well, as far as fast food goes, my good doctor...I try to stay away from it too...but BK is char-broiled...yum.

  8. Joe I'm loving this post! First off, yes the BK guy is creepy as hell. I wish they'd cut him out of the ads though my hubs and I love the narration by Peter Thomas from Forensic Files!

    TP I'm not quite sure what you mean. Like when you stock it in your closet? I actually try to use up the opened packages first, but I may just be confused ...

    YES! Senior menu at IHOP, they opened a new one in our town and my mom comes in all the way from Long Island and demands I take her there (as if they don't have like 10 IHOPs on LI!) ... she loves that dumb menu. I love their new egg beaters and healthier choices that are still a whopping 600 cals - that's like 2 meals for a dieter!

  9. hate the BK guy. Had Ronald McDonald too but a guy with a plastic face doesn't make me want to buy burgers. Makes me think he's about to rob something.

  10. Hey Joe,

    I was drawn to your blog by the lovely comment you wrote on the Non-Review blog post about the flood. You seem like a really nice person.

    I too find the Burger King mascot disturbing... The kind of thing that may have given me nightmares as a child. Then again, the music from the old Corn Pops commercials used to upset me...

    I recently went on vacation in Hawaii and visited iHop for the first time. I assumed it would be amazing, from what I'd heard, but I was actually really disappointed. The hashbrown was hard to chew -- like rubber! And the eggs kind of looked like styrofoam... And were pretty dry. I'm wondering if maybe I was just at a bad iHop or had a dud meal? What appeals to you about their food? Is a specific item from their menu?


  11. probably just hit a bad IHOP.
    For me, breakfast is my favorite meal, and eggs are my favorite fruit. I love a huge breakfast...but only if it my day off, cant' go to work after that. They usually do pretty well by me.

  12. The card-checking thing really is ironic :P The toilet rotation thing is so mom does that too ;) And that burger king mascot is creepy, especially in the TV commercials..ewwww!

  13. very, very creepy.

    i wish we had IHOP here in australia.

  14. Burger King guy is VERY creepy...My kids don't even like him...

    My dad's proudest moment was when he could go get his senior coffee at McDonalds...Lol...He talked about it for weeks before his birthday and was down there at 6:00 am for his coffee on his birthday...Hasn't looked back since..Every morning without fail...McDonalds gives him his senior coffee and he comes back home to read his paper..Little things I guess but they sure do make a difference :)