Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Music...Life of Luxury

Best buddy Ray is with me on this one.
We tried to make it a sort of 60's style, stealing riffs
from different songs. When you are not a paid professional
or making any money at it, you can do that and not get into
any legal trouble.

Ray is doing the bass and all the electric guitars, and I
am doing the piano, drums, and vocals.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The link and the lyrics appear below:

Life of Luxury

I just want to live a life of luxury
Makin' lots of money
And spend it with the time I've got...

1. I've been working hard since I was twelve years old
And I ain't got much to show
I bought a car, a new guitar, a piano
And a place I call my own

It may not sound like much to you
But it means quite a lot to me
I don't want to sound like a greedy boy
But I want to have a spending spree

2. If I only had all the money I need
I wouldn't have to work no more
I could have the time to do as I please
And life wouldn't be such a chore

And if somebody were to say to me
That money can't buy happiness
Well, I wish that he could try me
'Cause the free time it could buy me
Would make my life such bliss

C. Luxury, luxury
I just want to live a life of luxury

Peace be with you.


  1. A man of many talents....makes for an interesting person with much to show and tell!! I like the eclectic use of your is diverse!

  2. That was pretty darn good my friend. the harmony had a real "beach boys" sound to it.
    very nice!

  3. WOW! Love the song and the lyrics!
    You're so gifted!
    Hope you have a great week ahead!
    B :)