Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crashing The Pool

We live in a great neighborhood. It is fairly safe, we have
wonderful neighbors, and we all get along pretty well.
(Of course, while WE don't have a pool, it helps that
several of our neighbors do).

Often, during the summer, we have what we like to call
'Tony Driveway Parties', which means we all get lawn chairs
and our beverages of choice, and then hang out on Tony's
driveway. This is convenient for me, since Tony lives right
next door, and the commute is pretty docile.

(The linked picture above is gleaned from this post about
raking leaves).

Several years ago, a few of us were engaged in one of these
recreational events in Tony's driveway. Earlier in the
day, Robert and Trish from across the street had invited is
to come over and go swimming on July 4, which happened to
be the next day. "Just come on over around 2," they said.

So on the night of July 3rd, as we sat there intelligently
discussing important political events (which people tend to
do when upgrading from Coors Lite to Shiner Bock), and
midnight came and went, we realized it was now July 4.

So around two AM on the Fourth, we decided it was time to
go swimming. After all, the invitation did not specify AM
or PM, so being slightly less than 100% sober, we were free
to interpret the instructions in any manner we saw fit.

I did not instigate this, I am a follower. We could see
that the TV was on inside Robert and Trish's house, so we
knew they were up.

Tony suddenly gets what he believes is a good idea:

Tony & Lisa entering through the gate:

They carefully set down their glass beverage containers far
away from the pool. (I think this is what is meant by
'drinking responsibly'):

Tony jumps in. Funny how he looks like a stick figure even
though he is in mid-air:

Instead, however, they made a phone call, and we had some
other unexpected guests arrive:

Grapevine's Finest come outside, along with Trish and
Robert, and we all have a real good laugh...ha ha ha.
Now, don't you just wish you lived on MY street? You
would be amused and entertained like this every day.

Trish and Lisa are probably discussing how lucky it is that
we were not skinny-dipping.

Anyway, I will have you know, that being the gentlemen that
we are, Tony and I BOTH sent Trish flowers the next day as
an apology.

Peace be with you.


  1. It sounds like you live in a great neighborhood. I was raised in a neighborhood like that where everyone would hang outside together. In fact, my two best friends are from those days. now I live on a busy street where if I tried to sit out on the front lawn I might get black lung from car exhaust. Still, we have made good friends with a few of our neighbors and in fact spend Christmas and Easter with them. However, it must be done inside as opposed to out! Nice prank on your neighbor...I am sure she got a kick out of it!

  2. Neighborhood is essential to any individual.
    Your sounds great!
    Happy Tuesday!
    B :)

  3. Would that be considered MUI? (mischief under influence)

  4. That is how our Neighborhood was in New Mexico, we had so much fun there and everyone was close, having only been here a short while it is so different but we will be there before long I am hoping :)

    I envy you my friend.

  5. LOL, funny how many great ideas are spawned with a beer in hand

  6. I feel oddly jealous right now. I want cool neighbors, fun people who live next door, a house and a driveway. I want this! Do they have block parties by you? This was big on Long Island growing up but doesn't seem very popular in New Jersey. An entire street or block gets a permit from the town and can close their street (if it's not a main road) and just party alllll day! It's unreal!


  7. What a great story (and neighborhood)!

  8. Joe,
    tomorrow morning
    my place
    new origninal bling
    for you
    be there


  9. I can't believe how amazing your neighbourhood is..I don't know my neighbours much, so I find it cool that you guys are pretty close. You're lucky.

  10. lol sounds exciting! too bad I don't have a pool or I'd totally invite you all

  11. But you have an ocean nearby, don't you? That is even better.