Monday, May 31, 2010

More Music...It's Too Late

This song has a fairly lame is one of those
songs that don't really have a 'chorus', where there is any
kind of repeating line that you could glean a title from.
It is just a series of verses.

I can't tell you exactly what it is about, but it is not
based on any type of real don't worry...I
have never driven any of my past loves to do anything
drastic! I just thought it had some feeling.

This one is just me, with two acoustic guitars and a bass,
along with some backing vocals and a little piano riff at
the end.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

Here is the link...if you are so inclined...along with the

It's Too Late

1. And if I close my eyes
I can still see the sun rise
What you've seen and loved, you never forget

And so, when I am old and weak
I'll still see me head against your cheek
And always my sleep will be filled with fret

2. I used to love to watch you sleep
I'd promise our love would always keep
You'd look at me, and foolishly, you'd believe me

But it surely failed, although we tried
And along with you, our good love died
Now I regret that we didn't make up before you left me

3. You know, I keep having these nagging feelings
That it was all my fault that our heartaches' healing
Never took place, and I feel like such a fool

And sometimes, when I am down and low
I almost wish that when you lost control of yourself
That you'd taken me with you

Peace be with you.


  1. Joe! I stayed with you during the long intro--which is tough for an impatient gal like me. Glad I did. I loved the lyrics--especially that last line.

    Hope you are having a good day.

  2. I just came over via Pat Tillett! Great stuff. I didn't see the link for the song...I'll go back and check.

    Do you mind if I follow along. I LOVE what I see!


  3. Hey, John, thanks for the follow, I will check yours out as well! I made the link a little clearer.
    If you came from Pat, then you must have a lot going for you.

  4. I wonder..was this written about an old love? It kind of reminds me of one of mine. Very nice lyrics that have reminded me of another time in my life. that is what good music does...transports you to other places past, present and future.

  5. i wish i could hear this.

    it's lovely.

  6. I want to hear it, too, margg.

  7. Those lyrics are sad dammit!

  8. The link should work....maybe it is good if you can't hear it, eh?

  9. Joe,

    GOT IT!!
    Great stuff man! Holy cow!!!!


  10. it reminded me so much of Johnny Cash! I like it.

  11. Really good Joe...
    I hope you are still playing.