Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Music...Distorted Images

The lyrics were written by my best friend and co-conspirator
Ray. He says it is about someone that is slowly going crazy
and knows it. I think they really just sound cool and moody,
and don't really have to mean anything.

We then kind of put the music together bit by bit as we were
recording it. It is supposed to have a sort of Moody Blues-
Pink Floyd-weird Beatles backward stuff feel to it.

At the very beginning, you hear what sounds like a deep
Big Ben sort of clanging bell. This is actually the sound
from one of those little alarm clocks with the two tiny bells on
top...with the tape slowed wwwaaaaayyyyy down.
Originally the bell clanged about 12 times...but the song is
long enough as it is, so in this version I chopped it off so
you only hear a few of them before the backwards guitar comes in.


Listen to it when you are not sober, as this is the state
we were in while recording this, if you get my drift.
I think we did this in one night, sometime after midnite.

Ray is playing the electric guitars and bass.
I am playing the piano and drums, and doing the vocals and
engineering all the weird effects.

It's weird, but all just for fun.

Do I still need to remind you that none of this is recorded

The link and the lyrics appear below:

Distorted Images

1. The terror is coming
And you will know when it happens
The terror is coming
And you will not show it
And all others are blinded
But you, who rejoice the new night

2. The terror is coming
And you do not fear
The terror is coming
The end is now in sight

And he has reaped his glory
He has shown his might
But you do not fear
'Cause the end is now in sight

3. The light of the darkness
Burns off the dew in my mind.
The morning of dull insanity
Breaks through the edges of the night

Peace be with you.


  1. "The light of the darkness burns off the dew in my mind." Good line, Joe.

  2. Hubs mentioned early Neil Young and early Grand Funk, as well. Quieter piano gave me a tiny hint of Frank Mills. Sure runs the gamut of mood and tempo.

  3. Hi Joe...I like your song writing skills. I love music and I especially love lyrics as they are basically poetry. You have a knack for both! I liked the very last line "the morning of dull insanity breaks through the edges of night."

  4. Love these lyrics! I will take up drinking soon and let you know how the song sounds.

  5. Ah, remember, I can't take credit for these lyrics..they were written by my co-conspirator Ray during a brief moment of lucidity.
    This song, though, unless you are in the right mood for it, is kind of a train wreck, so I will post another tune soon to try to make up for it.

  6. i actually really enjoyed this.

    you have a gift.
    so does your friend :)

  7. I love the lyrics, and the music just pulled on my emotions.
    So thank you. :)

  8. Hey, there are some awards for you on my recent post. Pls stop by!

  9. Look....
    I'm holding up my lit bic...
    on a serious note...Pretty darn good, really!

  10. Ha ha, Pat, that is very funny!
    You guys are too good to me.

  11. can i just say i don't know what i like better today, reading all ya'll's blogs or pat's comments. the guy is killin' me today with his wit. oh, and nice lyrics of course, joe and ray! :)

  12. What ever you two were smokin' definitely brought out your creativity! ;) We'd REALLY have fun as neighbors! My boys play piano, keyboard, guitar, drums, hand drums, and a little of other things. My dad even plays the accordion - do you think you could work that in somewhere?! ha ha!

    I REALLY liked that! Keep posting them!!