Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rakishly Leaving

Believe it or not, winter is generally one of my favorite times
of year. I am not a fan of the 100 degree humid bath house
summers here in North Texas. Not only does winter give us a nice
respite from the unreasonably hot weather, but it also brings me
to one of my favorite yearly events...raking leaves!

To make things more fun, I usually wait till ALL the leaves have
fallen from the nearby trees before raking them up. I know lots
of my neighbors are out there raking weekly, but I just can't
see the point. I would much rather enjoy the chore to its
fullest by waiting until we are knee-deep in leaves.

Several factors must be considered before undertaking such a
joyful task. We must wait until the wind is blowing from south
to north (which it normally does in North Texas, thereby
bringing the deliciously damp and juicy atmosphere to us from the
Gulf Coast). This way, any errant leaves that get away from me
will blow into Tony's yard, and he doesn't care. The whole key
to life is making physics work for you, that is my motto.

To start, I will rake all the leaves away from the street
gutters so the water can drain down, we can give the leaves a
chance to dry out before picking them up:

(Note to self: corner lot-bad idea)

Then we can start to rake the leaves on the lawn into nice
confined pens, molding them into any geometric shape that fits
my fancy. Being the boring type, as you know by now, I opted
for the square this year. I have experimented with other shapes
in past years, but I find that rectangular themes draw more
approving glances from the neighbors.
Then we wait for physics to do its thing (blow wind blow):

As you have no doubt noticed by now, after reading some of my
blogs, I really am a logical and well-balanced chap, and my way
of doing things just works.

It is usually about this time when Robert from across the street
comes out to watch me start to bag them. He likes to tease me
because he has already finished his. He doesn't realize that
the joke is on him, because it is 40 degrees out, and I am
enjoying this work. Ha ha, silly Robert.

I really like that when I pick up the wet leaves from the gutter,
they are so heavy that the trash bag starts to rip as I fill it
up. I think it is cool when my bride sees me struggling with the
heavy bag, and makes her think I am working so hard. Any good
excuse for a nap, I always say.

Later on, Tony will come out to rake HIS (my) leaves, and then
Robert and I will go get some lawn chairs and beers and watch.
You can always drink beer, even in 40 degree weather.

All good things must come to an end, but fortunately, I do carry
some reminders of this pleasant outing with me...a nice blister:

Peace be with you.


  1. yes there is always time for beer!

  2. LOL, that is clever! I do it the even simpler way and have a lawn service do it, but I'm lazy... Sorry you get our secondhand humidity. Believe me, it sucks here too... I can stand the heat, it's the humidity that kills me. I'm cold now, but I much prefer this weather!

  3. I love the pic with Tony's house in it! HA, LOL!