Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bounce House

Several years ago, I went to a dermatologist to have something
looked at on my nose. It was a hard pimply growth on the side
of my nose, and it just did not want to go away.

The dermatologist cut if off for me (the pimply growth, not my
nose) and found it was a Basal cell carcinoma, but not to worry,
as this is not the more dreaded melanoma type of skin cancer. As
long as caught and removed early, as it was, we are cool.

Now, over the past few months I have noticed a similar type of
object taking shape on my left thigh. It would bleed a little
bit, then start to heal, making me think all was cool. Then the
cycle would start over.

The reason I mention this is because I know that everyone is
just dying to read about the excruciatingly dull and mundane
details of my miserable little life, and so, being the giving
person that I am, I comply.

I set an appointment with the doctor, but since over the past
few weeks it had entered another 'healing' mode, I almost
cancelled the visit. But, what the hell, I already had scheduled
to leave work early, so I might as well just go.

Turns out it was just another Basal cell growth, and he could
remove it right there. He said it was good that I came in,
because while it is easy to take care of now, left untreated it
could become more serious.

I purposely wore shorts that day, even though it was kind of
chilly, just so it would be easier to take care of this... had I
worn Levi's, I would have had to take them off to get to it. I
have found that when going to a doctor, you just feel like
things are less serious if you don't have to remove any article
of clothing.

You know those 'canned air' things you can buy, where you press
a button and air comes whooshing out to blow dust off computer
keyboards? (More expensive than just blowing on them, but also
more fun). And you know, if you turn the can upside down and
press the button, what you get is a freezing cold blast capable
of turning anything you direct it on into frozen frost.

This is the kind of device he used to kill the thing that had
taken residence on my leg. It was efficient and quick, which I
like. (He gave me a second blast just for good measure.
Something that is really really cold feels like really really hot,
just like holding dry ice in your hands.) The doctor warned
me it may 'blister' but once that heals, I should be golden.

Now, I am glad the 'thing' is gone, and the blister really
doesn't hurt, but it sure looks cool! I wish you could see this
picture in 3-D, because it is about half an inch tall, and
reminds me of a little bounce house:

This is going to be one of those things that you just can't
resist 'probing', all day long, my finger will wander over to
the bubble and go Bounce-bounce-bounce on it, just see how it is

And now I see that I have taken up 546 words to just say:

Went to doctor.
Had pimple removed.

And they say men don't talk.

Peace be with you.


  1. Reading reminds me that I should make a dermatologist visit for a skin cancer screening. People so rarely think about doing this. Funny post!

  2. "I know that everyone is just dying to read about the excruciatingly dull and mundane details of my miserable little life" -- We are! We are! lol (if people weren't, I'd have no blog)

  3. If you are a sun goddess, you need to get a screening.
    Kristy, great interview, please get better. Your mundane life is much more interesting than mine.

  4. Glad it was not serious. My friend had a mole removed from the side of his nose and told me that they "froze" it y doing basically the same method you described. good thing you don't screw around and get things checked out right away.