Friday, January 22, 2010

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Dang! Can you even BUY anything these days that doesn't have
a clock on it? This world can be very tough for those of us like
myself who are anal about having ALL clocks in the house having
the same CORRECT time. I am talking right down to the second.

I don't know why I am like that, but I know it has something to
do with the fact that I hate to be late for ANYTHING, and I am
not just talking about work here.

If I am going somewhere, I know enough about factoring in the
variables regarding traffic, weather, time of day, and the
degree of familiarity I have with the location I am destined
for, as well as the importance of the pending event. I know how
long it will take to get there and what time I want to ARRIVE
there. So I know what time I need to leave. I can't leave any
of this to chance.

For example, I know that it will take me between 22 and 25
minutes for me to get to work, so I can leave the house at
exactly 6:15 AM and be fine.

If you have one clock that says, like 6:00, and another may have
5:57, another reading 6:03...well that is too much margin for
error for me. If they all have the same time, then I don't have
to guess what time it really is.

Now, as ANYBODY who knows me will tell you, I am generally a
very well-adjusted, normal individual with few quirks. But in
this case, it is a big deal. You should see me when we change
our clocks back or ahead during the Daylight Savings Time fiasco
we are subjected to in the US.

First, we start with the PC. I sync the computer clock with the
Atomic Clock in Denver, Colorado, and then set my wrist watch to
that time to be used as my Portable Master Timekeeper (PMT).

Next I have to take my PMT around to the different clocks in the
house, such as the thermostats, ALL the various clock radios and
alarm clocks, coffeemaker, microwave oven, the cars, the clock
in the garage, etc etc etc.

I realize that all the clocks won't actually keep the same time
as the weeks progress, due to inaccuracies with each one, but I
know that at least twice a year, they are all correct for about
a week or two.

I like to have a clock or two in every room of the house. No
matter where I am in my house, I want to have a clock in view
without having to turn my head more than about 180 degrees.
And of course, they all must agree, and be correct.

When we have a power outage (which is frequent here in Texas)
my bride and The Daughter exchange glances with each other saying,
"there he goes!". As soon as power comes back on, I am prancing
around the house, PMT in hand.

Now here is a cool thing...most of the more modern devices that
have a connection with the internet or phone lines now sync up
automatically with SOMEthing. Cell phones and cable boxes come
to mind, as well as our telephone. Of course, I can't guarantee
that they are displaying the CORRECT time, but as long as they
all agree with what time it is, they are at least consistent.

So tell me again why every other freaking gadget or device that
you buy these days all have digital displays on them with clocks!
And most of these have to be set manually! WHY must they
torture me like this?! Don't they realize that if the damn thing
has a clock, it MUST be accurately set???

For example, my electric razor and my coffee cup??

Polly Pocket and even the dang CLOCK has a clock??

My dad used to have a saying that he had printed and hung on
the wall after he retired:
What time is it?
Who gives a shit?

That will be my mantra when I retire!
My dad was a very wise man. I miss him.

Peace be with you.

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  1. Your cup has a clock on it? Your CUP? Craziness!

    Kate x