Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know, when I first started this blog, I was originally going
to do one specifically on one of my favorite hobbies...
Photography. My aim was to present a myriad of excellent
photos that I had taken. What I wanted to do was share my
blog with other most excellent photographers, and we could
then follow each other and comment on how great our images are.

Alas and alack...I went through a painful process that
ultimately led me to the conclusion that I would not be able to
do this due to the fact that most of my photos...well...SUCK!!

Now, I still diligently search out and peruse photography blogs,
but as of yet have not been able to find any that focus
specifically on photography...so if anyone stumbles upon my blog
and either HAS a photography blog or knows of any, I would
greatly appreciate being clued in on them, as I still would love
to find some to follow.

I will still comment on how cool your photos are, and then,
Gentle Reader, will include some of my own for your approval...
Of course, that implies that I can FIND any of mine that are
worthy of displaying.

So with that in mind, I humbly present, for your amusement, what
I like to call 'Duplicity'...which are images that contain TWO
of me. In this first episode, I am teaching myself the proper way
of frying eggs:

And in THIS one, you could say I am jamming with myself:

Along a similar vein, we have a ghostly image of myself and The
Daughter. The Daughter is so weird...I can't imagine where she
gets it from:

In her dreams, she can fly!:

And just to top things off, a gorgeous shot of the gaping maw
of a clean donkey...

Peace be with you

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  1. Amazing pictures Joe! I am going to share with some I know who are into photography!