Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sportsman-like Conduct

I am frequently puzzled at how 'into it' some sports fans are,
and how much of their lives revolve around their teams. I cannot
imagine anything in my life...short of winning the lottery...
that would make me as excited as these people get when their
team wins. And I swear that when their team loses, these fans
get even more upset than the team players themselves.

When I lived in California, a local radio personality said it
best when he mused that he did not care for sports because he
was not born with the 'Sports Gene'. I think now that he was either love sports or you don't, just like you
either have blue eyes or brown eyes.

For me, basketball is the least interesting sport there is...
watching a group of tall sweaty guys running back and forth
bouncing a ball just does not do anything for me. I am able to
tolerate watching portions of a football or hockey game, and
baseball is mindless entertainment, but for me to pay to go see
a basketball game...well, it ain't gonna happen. Let's talk
about how much you would have to pay me to see the game.

Part of my distaste for sports may stem from the fact that I am
somewhat 'un-coordinated', which in grade school meant that I
throw like a girl. I was not as agile or talented as the other
kids, so during our forced sports participation, I did not do
well, and so was teased and bullied about it. As a result, I
hate sports.

Of course, sports is a pretty general term, I do love many
outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, swimming, fishing,
golf, scuba diving, etc., which may all be considered sports in
a broad sense. My dislike for sports is limited mainly to the
organized team sports, the kind where we have one team
competing with another (and groups of loud people yelling at
each other and painting themselves).

The funny thing is, I wish I could get into it like other would be fun to have something that exciting to
look forward to, especially the college football games in the
winter. But alas, I have no interest, no time for it.

Happy New Year & Peace be with you.

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