Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowstorm Aftermath

In an effort to amuse Ian with my images of the massive
(by our standards) snowstorm, here is some the damage
caused to the trees:

A very cool snow fort:

And a random sampling of some creative snow people:

I really got a kick out of this 'snow family'

Peace be with you!


  1. Those are some great pictures. I like a couple of the snowmen, but some of them look so sad.

  2. at least some people had some fun and put the snow to good use.

  3. That's crazy. Here, we don't have that many trees down, just a ton of potholesx. And by the way, kids were off yesterday because of the holiday, but they are also off today. And they were also off all of last week!

  4. Other than the trees being down, looks like fun!
    Somebody in our neighborhood made a snow Snoopy! I shoudl try to get a pic

  5. Your trees are split because of snow???? Really? Damn, you have it way worse than here, that's all I can say!

    Did you have an ice rain storm? Usually, that does the trick on branches and trunks around here!! If you didn't, hope you won't get some. It's pretty nasty stuff.

    I love the snowmen by the way!! I didn't even get to make one this winter! :(

  6. Oh NO WAY! That snow fort is AWESOME!

    Your tree looks very familiar.. downed trees, BAH! Check out the link for my url - we had a bad one! Glad it didn't do too much damage.

    You guys are masters at making snow "things!"

  7. Sarah, normally, all we get here is ice, but this time, it was real snowflakes. And I am real surprised it did that much damage, considering there was no wind. I guess snow is pretty heavy, but this was only a foot.

  8. LMAO at the snow family -- that's cool! I'm surprised the trees cracked, too... I've never seen that before. Snow = skeery...

  9. The most snow we ever get here is maybe an inch or two so we don't get the excitement of a lot of snow...darnit. Looks like it did some serious damage wow thats crazy!