Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow in DFW!

I know, IAN...not a big deal for you hearty east-coasters, but a
pretty big deal for us in North Texas. Looks like DFW had about
ten inches of snow between about midnight last night and right
now. They say this is the most snow around here since the late

Thankfully, the temp stayed just above freezing all day, so
going to work and coming home was not a problem. Tomorrow
morning, after the freeze, that will be a different story. It
will be icy, but I figure since tomorrow is a Friday, and Monday
being a quasi-holiday for a lot of people, AND with schools and
businesses closed tomorrow, I should be fine.

It's not driving in icy weather that bugs me, but all the OTHER
people around me. Now, I can understand being cautious, and
nobody expects you to go the speed limit...but 20 MPH? That's
not reasonable. I don't want you around me if you are going
that slow.

The way I look at it, if you are afraid to drive more than 20
MPH, then you have no business being on the road at all. Stay
away from me.

Somebody at work gave me a good tip today...when you arrive
at your destination, let the windshield wipers do a final pass.
Then you lift the wipers UP so they stick out and are off the
windshield, and you take a large beach towel and spread it
across the window. When you get ready to head out into the
wilderness, you just pick up the towel, and you have a clean

Some folks at work built a snowman:

It is cool to have snow on my car, this is not normal:
(Sorry, crappy cell phone pictures)

At our work, they always offer to put us up in a hotel for the
night during this kind of weather. They want to make sure we are
able to show up the next day. I don't do that, however, as I am
not comfortable going to a hotel un-prepared with no clean
clothes, etc. Besides, from what I hear, they all just get
drunk and either don't show up ANYWAY the next day, or are late.

Even cooler to have it still snowing when I get home: are a few from early this morning.
We ended up with about 14 inches total:

Peace be with you.


  1. It's so pretty! I'm a little jealous!

  2. I love the night shot of the sidewalk.

  3. Everthing looks beautiful when its covered in snow!

    Have a lovely weekend Joe.

    Kitty x

  4. Yep, it was cool driving down the residential streets. And for some reason, blogspot has either deleted or misplaced a lot of my photos, as you can see above. Dunno why, but I am having to re-upload a bunch of missing images for past posts...I also notice this is happening to other blogs as well...

  5. I heard something about this. Like it was the most snow in Dallas (2 inches) ever? Ok, pardon me for a sec while I laugh... HAHAHHAHA put you up in a hotel? Wow, so what about the 56 inches I med? hahaha sorry, I just had to. Snow sucks. It flat out sucks any way you look at it.

    Just be safe and DRIVE SLOW and you might like tomorrow's post ;)

  6. Yeah yeah, Ian, I know. But for us flat-landers, that is the most we see. I did see your pics, and that much snow is truly awesome, no doubt.

  7. Wow, I'm living the northest and we haven't had any snow since...a few weeks at least! All we're getting is sweet sunshine! (but when it's sunny, it means it's cold, especially with the icy wind today)

    It's so cool that you had snow, since it doesn't happen often. Maybe that's why the people were driving so slowly! (I assume it's slow, but I have no idea what mph is. how's that in km?)

    And Ian, snow doesn't suck! Now it does, because I've been seeing it since November, but during winter, I love snow! I've never passed a winter without it, and never want to! I couldn't live with summer all the time: something would definitely be missing. It wouldn't feel right if I didn't have snow a few months a year! (depends on how you look at it!)

    Enjoy it, Joe, while it's there!!!

  8. Sarah, 20 MPH would be 32 about KPH.

    Also, by my calculations:
    52 Metric Tons = 51.17 Long Tons
    10 Liters = 2.64 US Gallons
    100 Hectares = 10,763,910 Square Feet
    100 Megapascals = 29,530 Inches of Mercury

  9. 32km is really freakishly slowwwwwwww!!! Now I get what you mean! Don't you guys use liters?