Monday, February 1, 2010

The Abbey Road of Blogs

Sometimes you have something to say, but then when you start
saying it, you realize that you didn't have that much to say.

So with that in mind, I present to you, Gentle Reader, a few
ideas that I may have had for a blog, but not enough to really
warrant an ENTIRE blog!

(Note: this is very similar to this blog from Saturday,
December 12, 2009.)
Perhaps this will be a running series.
Have you ever seen a bug just crawling along on the sidewalk,
going in a perfectly straight path, and the pavement is smooth
and firm, nothing to get in his way...when suddenly, for no
apparent reason, it makes a hard U-turn and starts heading the
other way? Don't you just wonder what might be going on inside
that tiny robot brain that made it come to this decision?

I'm just sayin'.
Check out this odd picture:

Now, I don't know if it is real or not, but it seems like it
may be real enough to me, I know there are people that
have what they call 'elastic' skin, and it stretches a lot.
This guy must also have elastic optic nerves.

But here's what I don't get...first of all, under what kind of
circumstances might you be involved with that you actually
discover that you have the ability to DO this...and more
importantly...WHY would you do this?
One of my duties at my very first job when I was a small lad
was to break up cardboard boxes. I used to pretend that I
was a giant stepping on buildings and crushing them.

Nowadays, I still have occasion to break down boxes. And I
won't go so far as saying I still pretend to be stepping on
buildings while breaking them down, but I do remember
that I used to pretend that, and I think about it!
(Does that make any sense?)
I love those round, wide angle 'fish-eye' lenses you can stick
on the outside mirrors of the car. My wife absolutely hates
them and thinks they are tacky, but I can tell you that once you
get used to them and know how to use them, you will never go
without them.

They enable me to change lanes safely and easily. I don't have
to crank my whole body around to check the next lane, and it
gives me a better view than I can get by twisting around anyway:

Peace be with you.


  1. That is a creepy pic and I think it must be photo shopped. I say this bc if somebody in reality can do that... well it is just to freaky for me to consider!
    I do love the fish eye lenses!! They are ugly but they work!

  2. Your right, very creepy, in fact, I can't stand to look at it. But yeah, if the guy can really do that, WHY WOULD YOU?

  3. That picture really grossed me out Joe! Also reminded me of a Berzerker from Nightbreed. Or a hammerhead shark. If I think of it like that it's not so bad... but GAHHHH!!!... shaking it off...

  4. Oh-my-gawd!! That picture's horrendous! It's creepy and I certainly hope it's not for real...for the person! ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. You know, ya'll are right, that is a mighty creepy picture. I wonder how many people I would scare away if I used that for my profile picture?

  6. Joe - I gave you an award. Yes another one. Check it out when you get a chance:

  7. I would still read your blog... but I would have to look away from the screen to do it... and that would be hard... so please don't do it... as a fellow Texan I'm beggin ya...

  8. Ohhh! That's really messed up! I'd rather ponder on what makes the U-turning bug tick! Hmmmm, maybe he saw an unnatural bug up ahead that appeared to have eyeballs on his butt. You know - the nature trick like the caterpillars that have false eyes on their other end. There has to be freaks and oddities in every species!