Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Musings

The following are just bits and pieces of odd thoughts that I
have from time to time, and have been waiting to put them all in
one place for quite a while. I call them random musings:


It can only get so hot, anywhere on earth,
but there is almost no limit to how cold it can get.

How would it be if you were so internationally famous that you
were known world-wide by your first name only? Examples: Elvis,
Cher, Elton, Madonna. Imagine seeing your name up in lights:

And by that one given name, everyone knows who it is.

I personally own three toilets.

It's amazing how animals like cats, dogs, and even birds know to
look at your eyes when they are interacting with you.

Animals are nothing more than robots programmed by God.

The entire human body serves NO OTHER PURPOSE than to
nourish, protect, mobilize, and entertain the brain.

None of the worries and problems I had as a kid were any less
stressful to me at the time than the problems I have as an

All the dumb things you did as a kid to impress people, or not
have them think you a wimp, are things you are proud of NOT
doing as an adult.

Funny how people used to introduce themselves to others in
many old movies. "The name is Franklin... Ben Franklin."
Right. Like I can picture myself saying, "The name is Capuano...
Joe Capuano."

Honesty, dependability, loyalty, integrity, and hard work do not
guarantee success in life. There must always be some luck

If you test this, you will find that you can only smell things when you INhale, but you can only taste things when you EXhale.

Why is it that whenever you get the slightest injury to your face
people always assume you were in a fight?

When I am working, I work just as hard as I would if it were my
own business.

Nobody knows a man like his wife knows him. Example:

I have known Raymond since 1964. We have lived together while
being broke and unemployed. We didn't even start the cars.
It's not like either of us had any money and could go anywhere.
We didn't say to each other one night, "Hey, see you later! I'm
going out." We were literally together 24 hours a day.

Even so, there are things that Sabine knows about Raymond
that I'll never know.

You know you're getting old when your first inclination after a
big snow storm is to shovel it, not play in it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting money and material things,
as long as you go about securing it in a legal and moral
manner, and help people when you have it.

I can not possibly imagine myself doing the things today that I
used to do myself when I was a younger man, such as changing
my own oil, installing my own car stereo, replacing a water pump
or an alternator, etc.

Okay, I know this is gross, but you have to admit that when you
blow your nose and a lot of weird looking gook of different
colors comes out, you like it, 'cause you know that it is out of
you now.

I don't think radio stations should be allowed to play certain
sound effects, such as car horns, squealing tires, and sirens.

While it may be subjective whether the things I write are
"good" or not, there can be no doubt that I AM creative.

There are 2 types of people: those who stand still while brushing
their teeth, and those who walk around while brushing their

There are 2 types of people: PC users and MAC users.

There are 2 types of people: those who like cats, and those who
hate cats.

And here is an interesting Grand Finale.
When I first wrote the following musing not so many years ago,
the point was to illustrate how rapidly things change:

Amazing, this modern age, eh? In the old days, you never went
anywhere without your canteen of water, your gun, and your hat.
Today, I think it's a good idea to always have a video camera, a
cassette tape recorder, and a couple of 3.5 formatted floppies
with you.

Now look how dated it is! It should be amended to state that you
should always have a USB stick and a cell phone with you.
Give me five or ten years and we will see what has changed!

Peace be with you.


  1. Interesting musings..Don't we all experience this kinda situations in our lives ..

  2. Thanks for commenting, I looked at your blog as well, I like it.