Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dropping off The Daughter at Summer Camp

So last Sunday we made the drive down to Kerrville, Texas
to bring The Daughter to summer camp. Last year she went
for 3 weeks, and that was not long enough, she did not want
to come home. So this year, she will be gone for FIVE weeks.

Since she will no longer pose willingly for photographs any
more, the only way to get a pic of her is to try to 'sneak'
one in. She was riding in the front seat during the drive,
and I sat in the back seat. I was able to steal this photo
of her reflection in the side-view mirror.

It looks funky because not only is it just a reflection of
her, you can also see the air-conditioning vent reflected
as well, causing the odd background:

I guess this part of Texas is called the 'Hill Country':

We arrived at camp, and I was unleashed with my camera.
This is the path leading towards the creek:

The water-skiing boat, and the steps descending into the

The girls have to hike up these steps to get to their cabins:

This is a cast-off molting from a Cicada:

A Turkey Vulture, and the First Aid house:

The fence by the archery range, and a spider having lunch:

Finally, I believe this is some kind of fly-catcher:

Camp is good for her, she also does horseback riding,
shooting, tennis, and hiking. Otherwise, she would be
spending all summer sitting in her room stuck on the laptop.

When I was a kid, things were very different. My mom was
home, and most of my friends lived right on my same street,
and their mom's were home too. We just played outside all
day, rode bikes, played ball, or went swimming.

Today, if The Daughter and her friends are home, they
always have to be DRIVEN the movies,
bowling alley, arcades, etc. And while this is all fine and good,
they feel like they have to be going to one of these places
every day...and during the daytime AND the evening.

Now, I went to movies and stuff with my friends too during
the summer, but we sure couldn't afford to go every day
like they think they are entitled to today.

It is good to get her 'unplugged' for a few weeks.
The house is quiet, I miss her already.

Peace be with you.


  1. Five weeks is a long time, it's good that she likes it! All five of our kids are grown now, but we would have had to "force" them to do something like that. Good job!

  2. Times certainly have changed! I think I might even like this place.

  3. Yes Sir a big difference from when we were kids, sounds like you have a good kid there Joe and the camp looks like a nice place, getting her unplugged like you said is a good thing, it sure is hard to slow them down these days and looks like you have found a good thing for her.

    The reflection picture came out good in my opinion along with the others as well.

  4. I agree about the daughter getting unplugged for that nice long time. It will actually give her a taste of what it was like for you while you were growing up. And it also gives you and your wife a nice time to reconnect as a couple. Before you know it she will be home and the summer will be half gone. And then before you know it again she will be graduating high school and off to college.

  5. Yes, I'm with Jimmy. The camp looks like a nice place and it's good that she likes it.
    Getting her unplugged like you said sounds wonderful to me.

  6. Yep, it is great to be alone with my bride, no doubt. A little taste of what life will be like in another ten years or so, when The Daughter is on her own.

  7. The camp looks awesome and I doubt that she'll get bored with all the activities they're offering! (You really made me laugh with: "Otherwise, she would be spending all summer sitting in her room stuck on the laptop"..cause that is exaclty what I seem to be doing today :P I can't wait to start working! (wait, did I just write that?!);) We'll keep you company while she's gone, Joe!

  8. Don't you hate it when kids won't pose for pictures anymore? The camp looks wonderful. That picture of the road is incredible!!

    I want to go to camp. Will you please drive me there?

  9. Is it wrong to want to smash that spider? It's icky.

  10. wow when i was a kid and went to camp for a week, that one week was endless. i missed home, i missed my family and pets, etc. it's funny though, like you said, when i was a kid we too had our parents home (mine were teachers off every summer) and hung around the yard, the block, the candy store up the street, it was a different time growing up in the 80s. i'm happy for your daughter but sad for you feeling sad. see i'd be a horrible parent, i'd be counting the minutes for them to leave. ha ha!

  11. i wish we had summer camps here.
    i never got to experience anything like it!

    lovely photos but.

  12. It's awesome that she loves to go there! So many of the young girls I know today don't want anything to do with "outdoors".

    I really like the pictures you took - especially the "sneak peek" at your daughter. What a pretty girl! :)