Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Music...I Don't Love You

Ah, yes, Ray and I may have been years ahead of our time, doing
this 'rappish' ditty sometime in the 1980's...

Ray is doing the electric guitar, bass, and one of the piano parts.
I am doing the acoustic guitar, drums, vocals, and the other piano part.

This song is not really about anyone, so don't take it seriously.
There is some mildly offensive language in it as well, so be warned.

The weird stuff at the very end is because, had it been on an album,
it was supposed to segue into another 'concept' tune.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The Link and the lyrics appear below:

I Don't Love You

C. I don't love you
I don't love you
I don't love you no more

1. I tried to tell you the night before last
But you wouldn't listen, must have been scratchin' your ass
I tried to make you understand
But I think you were in no man's land

I also tried to tell you when
You were cooking me breakfast
And cleaning the den
So you better get it straight, this time bitch
'Cause I'm closing down this deal
And there's just one hitch


2. Well, I think you'd better face it, jack
You'll go out on me no more
And that's a fact
I've had it to here with your lying schemes
You're no better off than my wet dreams

I don't forget the time I caught
You with another man, you dirty slut
And one more thing, you lying bitch
Come over here and scratch me, I've got an itch!


Peace be with you.


  1. Actually, I was about to say.."Love you is much better than I don't love you any more"..but you were justified in the last verse. LOL!

    Another beautiful song/lyrics, Joe.

    B :))

  2. Was there any liquor involved in the writing of this song, Joe?

  3. "Rappin Joe" Yes Sir I think you were ahead of the times there my Friend.

  4. Thanks for the guys are the best.
    Nensa...hey, I don't know if 'nice' is the right word for the lyrics, but it was all in fun.

  5. haha oh my.
    i actually rather enjoyed this :)

  6. i appreciate a good mental and emotional "ass-kicking" song. There have been times I would not have minded singing those lyrics to some fellows from my past.

  7. That's kind of funny because I always think of rap that trashes women as being behind the times.

  8. Oh yes, I agree with you, secret...but remember, this was 1985, so we were actually un-cool and behind the times BEFORE any of the other rappers were! (And it's really not rapping).