Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Am A Clown

Sometimes it is better for me to keep my mouth shut.

I don't think I am as smart as most people. I sometimes just don't 'get' it.
This happens to me at home, and at work. I'll ask a simple question and get a
smart-ass answer, as if what I am looking for is so obvious that I am a
clown for not seeing that.

It's better for me to just keep my stupid mouth shut and be ignorant than to
have someone look at me like I am dumb. I feel better that way. I am a clown.

Sometimes at home, if I ask someone to repeat what they have just said, I get
told that I am 'deaf'. But if they can't hear ME, it is my fault, because I am
mumbling. I am a clown.

If I ask someone to remind me what date a specific event is on, I am told in a
pretty stern voice that I have already been informed of this.
Good! Maybe I AM stupid, but could you please remind me again? Thanks!
I am a clown.

If there are questions about certain facts or events in our house, it is
usually me who is mistaken.

I make too much noise when I wash the dishes. There is never a convenient time
to do it without annoying The Daughter. It could be early morning, late night,
right before bed, right after getting up, whenever, it's just not a good time.

"Can't you do them later??"
"When? When can I do this when it doesn't bother you?"
Sometimes I feel like just tossing them all on the floor and saying "Fine, do
it youself then!"
I am a clown.

If I ask The Daughter if I can make her something to eat, instead of "No-thank you,"
I get "Go away, you smell weird!".
I didn't raise her that way. She doesn't pick up these manners from me, I don't
treat people like that.

Trying to be nice to someone and then getting treated that way makes me feel
like a clown. I am better off just keeping my stupid mouth shut. I think I should
just keep to myself.

I'm sorry that when someone asks me to fetch them something, I sometimes bring
the wrong thing. I'm sorry that I can't read your mind and get the exact size
pan you are looking for, so please don't make me feel like a clown. Maybe next time
you should just get it yourself.

Sorry, just having one of those days, I guess...

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