Monday, August 30, 2010

Insights into The Daughter - Part Two

More quotes from The Daughter's Facebook page:

Things that happen:

Screaming "I have my phone!!" to avoid being thrown in the water.

Pretending to look for your homework when you know you don't have it.

Shouting out the wrong answer in class with confidence.

Lying in bed Wondering if it's worth it to get up and pee.

Questions on a test that give away the answers to other questions.
(Been there done that!)

Counting people to see which paragraph you have to read out loud.
(I have done this as well.)

Not knowing what to do when people are singing me the birthday song.

Glimpses into her mind that she still remembers being small:

Middle school is so dramatic.

Life is getting too complicated, I wanna be 5 again.

My email address is stupid because I made it when I was 11.

Back in Kindergarten: sticking out your tongue = flipping them off.
(This is pretty good.)

We used to call people and say "Can you play?" instead of "Can you hangout?".

When we were little, why were we so scared of our parents counting to three?
(Ha, I wonder about that too!!)

Peace be with you.


  1. I love these, Joe. They really give insight into the person she is, was, and is becoming!

  2. Oh Joe, this is adorable, isn't it? PLUS, she's already confirmed (outside your prompting) what a happy childhood her's has already been at home. Times like these makes you so glad to be a parent, eh?

  3. Hello Joe! OMG, I so love these!
    Your daughter is soo adorable!
    I love how brilliant she is, as well!

    Have a happy Monday!


  4. I find myself saying this one every morning "Lying in bed Wondering if it's worth it to get up and pee."

    Sounds like you have a pretty amazing young lady.