Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Since today is my 54'th birthday, I would like to say howdy
to all you wacky bloggers in Blogworld. As MY birthday gift
to YOU, I present a VideoBlog!

Since I am posting this after midnight on August 3, it is
technically my birthday right now.

And all I want for my birthday from my bride is for her to
take me out to breakfast this morning to IHOP, which I will
enjoy immensely after sleeping in...since we are all on
vacation all this week.

And from The Daughter, all I want is a big long hug.

Some of you 'older' folks may remember a kid's show called
Sheriff John...if you were fortunate enough to have a TV...
And this is the little ditty he used to sing for the kids
watching the show when they had a birthday.

And if the video below does not play, you could try This Link:

Peace be with you.


  1. Dude, that is awesome. Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Joe!!!
    great video also!
    I totally remember that song. Do you remember Red Light, Green Light, from Engineer Bill?

  3. Happy Birthday! That was a great song. I have never heard it before but I loved it. Hope you have an amazing day Joe.

  4. Thanks, TS, too bad you are too young to have seen these cool shows. Thanks also, Mr. S.

    Pat I totally remember Engineer Bill, as I recall, they were drinking milk during Red light Green light! We also watched Hobo Kelly and Baby Daphne, and Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I don't know the show at all, but I'm pretty sure I heard my father sining it a few times.

    Have a GREAT day!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Joe!!! Do you hear me singing to you? Is it not lovely? I could not see the video. ????

    Hope all your birthday dreams come true!

  7. I don't know why sometimes people can see videos, and others can't, BB, one of the mysteries of the internet, I guess...Yes I hear you singing!

  8. Happy Birthday! And many more! Awesome video! I never saw the show but I have heard the song before, weird huh?

  9. That's great! Happy Birthday Joe! You've got lots of fans :)

  10. Happy happy birthday Joe!!! I am so glad you get to put another candle on your birthday cake...and I hope that cake was delicious!!! I loved your video...it was touching.

  11. Happy birthday, joe!
    Thanks so much for the present...May God grant all your wishes...Amen!
    I love the video, Joe...cooool!
    peace to you.


  12. Happy birthday :)
    I hope you have such an amazing day.

  13. Thank you all for your wonderful and kind wishes!