Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Music...Your Love

If you have read any of my posts regarding my very diverse
employment record, you can imagine how lucky it is for me
that my bride has not lost faith in me at times.
This was inspired by my appreciation of her love for me.

It is just me playing on this one.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The link and the lyrics appear below:

Your Love

1. Bear with me baby
I never meant for things to go this way
I promise, baby
Things will be so much better than today
As we go through this life together
Learnin' 'bout each other and never, never
Never doin' each other wrong

C. And it's your love that makes me strong
Carries me through when things go wrong
Makes my love for you grow stronger every day
How can I find the words to tell you?
If I could make them up, I'd surely tell you
Can you read my heart?
But you must know anyway

2. I love you, baby
I never thought that life could be as good as this
My pretty baby
Your love has given me a life of bliss
You keep my soul pure and my heart clean
You're the sweetest thing I've ever seen
Can you read my heart?
But you must know anyway



Peace be with you.


  1. Love the lyrics! Promising and optimistic!
    Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Off to listen to the song!
    Have a great day!
    B :)

  2. Love the lyrics, Joe. Beautifully written.
    For some reason, I couldn't get the song to play or download. I'll check on it later.

    Have a nice day!:)

  3. You didn't mention her reaction? I think I'd be blown out of the water if someone wrote a song for me!

  4. Love your lyrics! So good. Did this get you out of dishes and housework for awhile?

  5. Hi Jow...after all that I have gone through lately I feel like I could write those very beautiful words that you have written to your wife and address them to my husband. He has stood by me in the most wonderful and profound ways of late and has made me feel more loved than I ever could have hoped for. I feel as you do...truly blessed to have found someone to love who loves me with equal passion. brovo to you and your wonderful and successful marriage.

  6. Thanks for all the comments, ya'll. I have a few more I want to post in the future, maybe I will just do them all in a quick run to get it over with, it is a bit painful for me to post these songs because I know in my head how they SHOULD sound, and when I listen to them, I cringe a little bit because I am not a professional...maybe I am embarassing myself.

    Anyway, Ms A...I think she liked it, but she is used to me forcing her to listen to this stuff.

    Betty...doing the dishes and housework is the least I can do for my bride, seeing what she has had to put up with over the years.

    I am glad you are lucky and have such a great husband, Dr. Susie...and he is lucky too.

  7. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love it :)

  8. Hi Jo,
    so... you can play music too...
    The liryc and the song were so beautiful.
    I really love it.
    Thanks for sharing here!!