Friday, July 2, 2010

Digital Art...Misc Stuff

Since I don't have anything else ready to go today, I
thought I would dump a few more of these digital pictures
on you. This is just a mish-mash of random stuff that I was
not able to categorize.

This first one is called The Warehouse, and it was one of
the first things I ever tried to create. Notice how large
the size of the little candies you know, these
things are pretty small, but after I finished this, I
realized the apparent scale of them is pretty big.
Oh, well...
(Don't forget to click to enlarge, blah blah blah...)

This is Joe's Burgers...I tried to create a little city:

This is two versions of Joe's Diner, one without fog, and
one with fog:

This last one is pretty interesting. It is supposed to be
someone wielding a screwdriver on a live circuit board,
which isn't normally a very good idea.

Notice the flame where the tip of the screwdriver is
touching the board. I also tried to make little sparks
coming off the screwdriver, but it does not look very

The hand in the picture is my actual hand.

If you look through the window where the van is, the real
scene BEHIND the van is the actual view of the house across
the street from our house. This is what we really see
looking out the window. (Minus the virtual van, of course).

The font of the lettering on the van that says 'Joe's
Computer Repair' is in Comic Sans MS...which is my favorite
font. I use it on everything.

Peace be with you.


  1. Love these!
    Interesting pictures!
    Hope you have a great Friday/Holiday weekend!
    B :)

  2. I couldn't even begin to do all that!

  3. These are great Joe! I am so unartistic...
    I'm with Kristy, I have no idea. I don't even have a clue about photoshop and I take thousands of photos...I gotta get with it!

  4. That city shot is cool. I wish I had your kind of skills.

  5. Thanks, Ms A and Betty.
    Kristy, Pat, and really is not that difficult to do, as all you are really doing is creating shapes and adding textures...the hardest part is trying to come up with the design.

    I actually have a whole series where I designed and created my whole entire dream house. I thought about posting it, but it includes every room, and had inside and outside views, and a single post would be pretty lengthy.

  6. I like the big candies and I want to eat them! It's a bit surreal. Who says it has to be realistic! Also, the pink colour really stands out.

  7. Very Nice Joe, You have done an amazing job with all of these, I like them all especially the warehouse and Joes Computer Repair I just have to keep going back to, Comic Sans is a cool font.

  8. These are amazing. You do a great job with Digital Art.

  9. Well, I'm awed again and bow in front of your skills..I don't know how you did all of that!

  10. Amazing, how do you even do these?

  11. Thanks for the comments, it is very much appreciated.