Friday, July 30, 2010

More Music...Belong

Okay, this song is a bit many of mine are.
Maybe TOO long, perhaps we really don't need that last verse.

In fact, Ray and I used to joke that on verse 4, the line should be "One more
VERSE I want you to hear".

This is one of those songs that I really wish I could hear if it was recorded professionally
by REAL musicians, because I tried to add little bits of what I call 'spice' into it.
Since it is so long, I didn't want it to get boring.

So the instrumentation changes just a little bit with each verse. I also concede that I may
not be quite on key during the high parts of the singing.

I did this with my buddy Ray (any time you hear screaming lead electric guitar,
that is your clue it is NOT me that is playing it. I am not that good).

The swelling electric guitar that you hear right at the BEGINNING is actually
the very same guitar track that is playing as lead at the very END of the song.

So Ray is doing electric guitar, I am doing bass, drums, vocals, and I think there
may be little dashes of piano in there somewhere...

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The link and the lyrics appear below:

Belong (Stay With Me)

1. One love, be mine for all time
Something seems so far away to say be mine
I can't stand to be alone at night

2. When I wake up in the morning
Be next to me
Don't be afraid, you know you're all I want to see
Put your love in me, girl, all I am is yours
Stay with me, don't be alone

C. Stay with me
You don't have to go tonight
I need to hear your words tonight
I need to have you here tonight

Can't you see I need to belong to you
Belong, belong, belong

3. You're a star, and I'm a moth
Mindless, I am, to a fault
When you flash your teeth
Your smile is glitter
If you look at me you touch a nerve


4. One more heart, and a wandering tear
One more song I want you to hear
What I do for you, I do for myself
If you could read my mind, you'd know how I felt

Peace be with you.


  1. Joe--Not being an electric guitar fan, I wasn't too sure of the beginning, but once the song got going, I liked it. Love your lyrics. They are so passionate.

  2. I too love your little romantic you!!!!

  3. Thank you for your kind remarks.

  4. Love the song Joe. This was really nice. Well done!

  5. hello! how are you?
    warm greeting from Bali island 0_0

    I hope you gain success all the time.

  6. Love your songs, Joe, really romantic and nice.. and those lyrics just bring me to tears.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    B :)

  7. I forgot to comment on this after I read it...
    Nice lyrics and a nice song...I really liked it!