Sunday, July 4, 2010

We Have Some Late-Night Fun

As some of you may know from this post, my neighbors and I
are pretty wacky, fun-loving folk. Just because we are old
doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun. You probably
wish that you had neighbors just like me.

As the above-mentioned post illustrates, we like to have
fun with Robert and Trish across the street...I don't know
why this is, I think it may be just chance they just happen
to be absent whenever Tony gets one of his good ideas.

Some time after the July 4'th incident referenced above,
Tony suddenly realized that it has been many years since he
has TP'd anyone. I think these are the kind of revelations
that sometimes occur to people when they are under the
intelligence-enhancing effects of malted beverages.

I am pretty sure that this is the reason that Prohibition
was repealed...people probably understood that without the
stimulating effects of alcohol, original ideas in this
country began to dry up.

I know this is not the intended use of toilet paper, but
since Robert's truck was just sitting there all alone, it
was just begging for some attention. I did not instigate
this, nor did I condone their actions. I am merely The
Press, documenting the events:

The finished product:

Phil, Eileen, and Tony. Note that Tony appears to be
getting quite a kick out of this:

In case anyone was left wondering who the culprit or
culprits were, we left this bit of tantalizing evidence:

Peace be with you.


  1. LOL That looks so FUN! I would have never thought of that... I wouldn't have done it anyways. At my age, anything I do is considered vandalizing, so I better stay quiet and well behaved.

    for now :)

  2. Just how many malted beverages does this take, anyway? I'll have to get a beer/margarita conversion chart, so I'll know when to drag out the TP!

  3. Ana, it is good to see you back! I am glad you have updated your blog with new pictures, they are very good. Yes, I guess at your age, you would have to be careful...
    Ms. A...I haven't looked at the chart, but I think a few maggies ought to put you in the proper frame of mind to do something childish and annoying...

  4. I've got the "annoying" down, with NO margaritas!

  5. Awwwwwwm! Tsk, Tsk! ;) Sounds like fun! You should have called me. I have a few rolls of 90 gauge shrink wrap that would have been PERFECT to wrap the truck up in! lol Glad to hear yall had a good 4th!

  6. haha me and my friends did that on Halloween! it was silly because everyone in our town new it was us and we just wrapped it around a row of trees down main street...we should have hosed it down lol because it was cleaned up by 5 the next morning and no one even saw it

  7. Everytime I read one of these it reminds me so much of our old neighborhood, looks like a lot of fun even from the Press/Documentation standpoint :^)

  8. Clean up is the worst part...yeah, because they know who did it. And in the morning, you go "ah, what was I thinking? Now I gotta clean this up!"
    Good thing for me, I did not partake, I only documented.

  9. Great post Joe!
    Sounds like lots of fun. The last I was involved in toilet papering a house, I seem to remember a shotgun being fired in the air and the police coming...

  10. I really hope it didn't rain after the truck toilet-papering ;) I wanna live in your looks so cool!!