Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mrs. King...Part Three

Having a little fun this weekend, the fun with the
scammers goes on a little longer.
I got this reply from Mrs. King early this morning:

Dear Beloved,

Greetings from MRS.ANITA LATICIA KING, I got your reply
to my mail and I am very happy to know that you willing to assist
me in this noble course, I have already forwarded your vital
information to my Attorney Barrister Michael Gill Holonis, and I
have instructed him to file in an Application of Withdrawal of
this Donation of $10 million to Utility Trust Finance &
Securities, Switzerland to authorize them to release the fund to

I am very sick now to handle this on my own, and I will beg you
to please use this donation well according to my wishes for the
less privileged, and our good Lord will bless you for doing so.
Please that the money is $10 million united states dollars.

Contact my attorney Barrister Michael Gill Holonis on his email
address: --------------

Expecting to hear from you and please remember that I will need
your prayers on a daily base, as I am preparing for a surgical
operation of my left breast next week Friday.

God bless you and your family


Here is my reply to Mrs. King:

Dear Mrs. King:

Thank you again for keeping me updated. I will send an email
to attorney Barrister Michael Gill Holonis per your request.
I hope he replies to me quickly so I can get my phone turned
back on.

Have you given any thought to sending me your picture? Or
maybe you can just send me a picture of your breast.

Greedily yours...Cappy Joey


And here is the email I sent to the Attorney:

Dear Barrister Michael Gill Holonis:
(Do you mind if I just call you Gill?)

I am writing to you because I have been in contact with
MRS. ANITA LATICIA KING, she says she is one of your
My name is Cappy Joey, perhaps she has mentioned me to you.

She says her husband was late for something, and as a
result she has 40 million US dollars that she wants to donate
to me, on the condition that I use it to help some of the
Christian charities around the world.

She is currently stuck in the hospital, I think she said that
she was about to undergo breast enhancement surgery, so she is
not able to take care of this herself.

Anyway, she told me that if I contacted you, that you would
just transfer the money into my account, so could you do
that please.

Also, ask her if she could send me some before and after
photographs of her breasts. My girlfriend is thinking about
doing that, so I wanted to make sure they look natural.

Thank you Gill, can't wait to get the money. Maybe afterwards,
we can get together in London with Mrs. King and slam back
a few cold ones!

Cappy Joey


Peace be with you.


  1. Now I'm really starting to feel cheated in the spam department. But, I am enjoying yours.

  2. enjoy yourself. it amazes me that there are still some people that fall for these scams

  3. Did you notice she's calling you 'beloved' now? Creepy...