Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Random Wednesday

More random thinkings:

I love to drive through puddles of water, the bigger and deeper
the better. I know where all the best ones develop when it rains.
I will purposely aim for them and go as fast as I can when
hitting them.
(This seems to annoy my bride, for some reason)

I often muse that I have probably had around a hundred jobs in
my life so far. Slight exaggeration, but how slight?

Recently I tried to tabulate them, which was no easy task since I
have been working for more than 40 years so far. I have done
restaurant work, office work, construction, sales, purchasing,
courier, carpet cleaning, retail, PC repair, call center,
factory, taxi driver, truck driver, shipping & receiving,
warehouse, plumbing, roofing, real estate, musician...

I actually did arrive at a total of almost 60 different jobs
between 1968 and the present (and these are just the ones
I can remember).

Very soon I will be doing a series of posts on some of these
jobs, and it will be the very first time in my life I have ever
written about them, or attempted to see how much I can
remember. While it is always nice to have some loyal readers,
I have to say that even if my blog turns boring and nobody cares
to read it, it will be good for me to write a lot of this stuff down.

I know Ian, Pat and Bendigo like to write a lot of auto-
biographical stuff, and we love to read it.

This is what is so great about blogging...even if nobody reads
it, it forces me to write. So write I will.

Peace be with you.


  1. Looking forward to reading about the jobs! Keep heading for the big puddles!

  2. Agree with Betty - I dig the autobiobgrapfeoefjiefej whatever that word is type of posts. I want to do more but have to edit in such a way that they are interesting. The story I am doing now needs no editing :)

  3. Look forward to reading those! Hubby has had 4 different jobs & he's 22...haha

  4. Just found your blog--really like it so far. Best of luck with all you do!

  5. you do what you need to and I will be here to read (and comment) about it. I'm thinking of doing the same but possibly anonymously....

  6. Sounds great to me. I love reading all the stories of people's lives. I look forward to hearing about the various jobs you've worked.

  7. Those are the best posts Joe, the ones about our lives, I agree with everyone else and look forward to reading about your jobs.

  8. I prefer the real life posts. Looking forward to it!

  9. Well Joe, you know that I can't get enough of life stories, so I'm really super eager to read about your past 60 (!) jobs!!:D I thought it was funny how you love to roll through gigantic puddles at high speed--when most people do their best to avoid them!;)

  10. Wow, so many comments...I am awed and flattered yet again. Thanks so much!

  11. Can't wait to read more about your different jobs :)

    PS I thought I too wrote about autobiographical stuff! Lately I guess I've been slacking!

  12. I'm curious to know your adventures! And I have to say - we have more in common all the time - I'M A PUDDLE HITTER TOO!! Ha Ha! My boys egg me on but I've always aimed for the big deep puddles! Cheap thrills! :-D

  13. Joe you have to know by now that if you are writing it, we are reading it...I love hearing about real life stuff and as you've noticed I enjoy writing about it too...

    From a safety standpoint (yeah i went there)..You know that almost 27% of accidents in wet weather are because people drive through water that is deeper than they planned. Hydroplaning occurs and the rest is history..I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't bring that up...(I am aiming for puddles constantly).

  14. My entire body stiffens when I'm required to drive over a puddle. I slow to a ridiculous degree and have been known to take alternate routes to avoid them. It is as if I'm going to sink into an alter dimension if I drive into one of the really deep ones.

  15. Haha gee thanks.
    Being young isn't that bad!

    Great post!

  16. Ben...I know about hydroplaning. I am just talking about the single huge puddles, not an entire flooded street. You can rest assured I am safe.
    Toca...we need to teach you how to have fun, puddle-ramming is great!
    Yes, Marg, being young was cool, but I think I would only want to be young once.