Tuesday, September 14, 2010

City Life-Part Two

The right half of the mural from Coit Tower in beautiful San Fran.
(By the way, I took took this photo on our honeymoon in 1988).

More stuff that just reaches out and grabs ya:

1. The guy taking the mail out of the mailbox is not really an official US
Postman...notice that he is not wearing any ID.

2. The guy in the white jacket on the right who is being robbed is checking the
time on his wristwatch...but the watch is GONE!!

3. Note the size of the head on the kid between the mailman and the robbery victim.
It looks WAY too big in my view.

4. The group of men in the background are trying to roll the car back down on
top of the pedestrian...and what they should be doing is trying to get it OFF
of him!

5. The man sitting on the box in the lower left doesn't seem to realize that
his buddies, whom he had been playing cards with, have left.

6. The sign next to him says "Men At Work"...and we can see that he is NOT

7. The guy standing behind him is holding up a very long light pole!

8. The man in the tan uniform next to the mailbox is not wearing an
undershirt...in those days EVERYONE wore undershirts!

9. The carton of Dreyer's ice cream is gone.

10. They didn't even HAVE Dryer's ice cream in those days!

Peace be with you.


  1. Look right above the kids head, it appears to be a hand holding a pipe, looks out of proportion to me.

    You have me looking it over now, I do like things like this.

  2. Love this!! Did you ever watch "Sister Wendy" on PBS?

    So many details here!

  3. It looks like two cars are trying to b pushed back up. Hmmm was it a car accident?

  4. Have you seen the murals in city hall on the show "Parks and Rec"? This totally reminds me of that.

    BTW, why is it that like half my blog friends live in SF? Very cool though.

  5. That's awesome. I spent several minutes pondering the picture after reading your list. It's very cool.

  6. this is really interesting.

    the picture is amazing.

  7. Wow! you have a good eye there Joe.
    I just don't notice these things.
    Of course it could be that I'm wildly ADD...LOL

  8. I knew you guys could spot stuff that I couldn't see! Thanks!

  9. I wouldn't have caught the majority of those things! how long were you staring at that picture?