Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dallas Walkabout

In June, 2008, on a pretty nice clear day, I headed to downtown Dallas on a
little photo excursion. I usually use satellite pictures and maps to scout out
new locations to shoot, and since it was not too terribly hot for a June day, I
parked the car and walked around for a few blocks:

I started out at the Fountain Place Tower, which I have always thought was a
beautiful building. This one was on the news around here several months ago
because of a foiled terrorist plot to blow up the building:

Thanksgiving Square:

A very interesting spiraled chapel:

Once you get inside, it is pretty sparse:

But contains some gorgeous stained glass if you look up to the inside of the

Comerica Building:

Elm Street:

Perspective on some towers:

Founder's Plaza:

The 'Grassy Knoll' and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza:

The sixth floor from where the shots were fired:

This is me right on the Zapruder Pedestal, where the actual film was shot from:

X marks the spot where the first bullet struck:

Yeah, I know, I felt like a damn tourist doing these. Thanks for looking!

Peace be with you.


  1. Joe! I am a sucker for good architectural photography! These pictures are wonderful!!

  2. Those are amazing pictures, Joe!
    Love love them! Especially those in Elm street!
    Thanks for this interesting pictorial tour!


  3. Love the photos. Really love the stained glass ones, oh and of course the one of you- ; )

  4. GREAT photos Joe!
    Dallas is one of the major American cities that I've never been to. Thanks for the photo tour!

  5. Thank ya, ladies. Quite a compliment coming from you, who both create such excellent photos!

  6. You take excellent photos too, Pat, I am flattered.
    Soccer, I am just an old dude!

  7. joe, these photos are awesome! the stain glass, the buildings, wow, all very cool!

  8. Great pictures, Joe!
    What so many gorgeous buildings there...