Friday, September 10, 2010


I have been seriously thinking about quitting this blog lately. I like to
write stuff, and blogging for almost the past year has really jarred my
memory about lots of things, forced me to commit them to 'paper', and I
would never have done this otherwise.

But now that I have gotten into the routine of writing my stuff down, I
have reached the point where I no longer need to use blogging as an excuse or
motivation to do it. I have re-established my writing habits.

I can't help but think that many of my blog entries of late have been rather
lame or un-interesting. For example, me posting my music. I don't see how
doing that has helped my creativity at all.

I can understand that posting my work history has been good for me, however.
I know it dragged on for longer than I thought it would, but that is only
because once I STARTED it, I realized how diverse it was. I led myself on that
path, not realizing how long the road would be. I know that towards the end of
it, many of my followers probably began to tire of it, and thought, "Oh, here
he goes with another one...ho-hum".

But that's ok, because always, blogging is first and foremost for myself. I got
it done, and will always have it to look back on. Now I write stuff with the
HOPE that people find it interesting, but if not, that's ok.

So, I will continue to write, but if I decide not to post any more in the future,
I will always appreciate the 'jump start' that blogging has given me, and am
forever grateful that my beautiful blogging buddies have stroked my ego by reading
and commenting.

However, even when I stop posting, I will continue to read and comment on YOUR
blogs, because you are so funny, fascinating, insightful, and give me much
inspiration and pleasure.

Peace be with you.


  1. Hi Joe....of course you know I have grappled with the same issues of late and have been a little wishy washy in my resolve one way or the other. I found that when I stopped blogging I actually missed everyone....and by that I mean my regular blog friends. At first I thought it was because I needed ego stroking and accolades but I have found that the blog has given me so much more. The friends I have made are important to me. So I have decided to blog when I feel like it...not on a regular basis...but when I think I have something interesting that you ten or fifteen people who read it might like. Though it says I have 43 followers, I really only have about 10 or 15 who read what I write. And I like that. It is more intimate to me and I like to focus only on their blogs too. Otherwise the whole thing seems shallow. So I took some time..and you might figure out how you feel. Personally, I loved your journey through your was interesting and enlightening. I also like your music. In fact, your job exploration got me thinking about going back and recounting the different loves of my like and the effect they had on making me who I am today. I am pondering that one. So whatever you do I want you to know what you have done here has value and I appreciate it and you!

  2. Thanks for your input, Dr. S...
    I am like you then, I have like 60 followers, but really, only a dozen or so that ever comment, but I am ok with that too. At least I know I am not irritating a ton of folks!
    I think I will probably slow down, and post only rarely, like when I have something to say.

  3. I go through the same thing too.

    At the end of the day, its about you.

  4. Earlier in my blogging days a friend told me I should stop writing about my divorce because it was depressing. That is when I knew with certainty that the blog was ultimately for me.

  5. Joe Cap!!! I would miss your posts SO much! Isn't your blogging all about me anyway? Oh, I guess not.... I really do want you to do what's best for YOU, but....

  6. Of course, it's all about you! What was I thinking??

  7. I'm going through the same thing too...
    But I would miss you/your posts GREATLY, Joe! :(


  8. I know the feeling. Blogging got me through a time when I needed an outlet but it's served it's purpose... Now I only blog when I have something to share. I too was trying to re-develop a writing habit, but in my case it only led to a blogging habit.

    We all come to blogging for different reasons. I, for one, am glad you started blogging. Yours is one of my favorites. So please don't completely give up... blog from time to time will ya? :)