Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday Night

I tend to not comment on a post where there are already about a
million comments, but if I am following your blog, I AM reading it.
I absolutely HATE when you call someone and get the answering machine...
and instead of a greeting recorded by the person you are calling, you
get that annoying robot voice. Why??

For one thing, it always makes me unsure that I have called the correct
number, and I feel really awkward leaving a message.

And why do you people do this? Is it just that you don't feel like doing
your own greeting, and so accept the default robot? I hope you don't feel
like you are doing it for any type of security reason.

If a stranger accidentally called your number, how is hearing the robot any
more secure than them hearing your own voice?
I don't understand this trend towards men shaving their head these days.
I know it has been stylish for men to shave their heads for the past
several years, but I don't get it...not when they are not 'balding'.

It can't be a convenience factor to have another thing to shave every
day. Now, I am all for comfort, as I have been known to do the 'number 4' thing
myself during the summer:

But this really IS low-maintenance...it is not shaving my head every day along with
my face. Let me tell you, if I still had a head of hair like I did in 1976, today
I would still have long hair:

Peace be with you


  1. I remember when I was 10 I saw a dateline or 20/20 or one of those shows that adults watch (I occasionally succumb myself now) and children sit through, and the story was about how some women find bald guys attractive. Anyways, I know that was some years ago, and probably wasn't seen by that many people, but I still choose to blame that show.

  2. I hear what your saying, but I'd like to shave my head, or at least have something very short. But my wife isn't having it...
    you're a good looking stud, either way...
    but please tell that isn't a mullett in the second pic....LOL

  3. Glad I don't get about a million comments, Joe.

    Love reading your comments.
    I agree with you..I don't understand this trend (shaving head) either.

    Wishing you a great Wednesday!

    B ;)

  4. No, Pat, not a mullett. I don't think they had mulletts in those days, did they?

  5. You have insulted my robot, sir, and I will have none of that. He needs something to do, so I let him answer then phone. Is that so wrong??

  6. I'm not a fan of the robot voice, but what I find worse than the robot voice is the hang up on the anwsering machine, I mean you were calling for a reason (even if it WAS the wrong number)

  7. Since I don't get a million comments I am glad you always comment on my blog. It is truly appreciated. I also hate the robotic voice. But then again I hate phone machines and the phone for that matter. It is always someone calling wanting SOMETHING from you. My husband has a great head of hair and he looks best using the number 4. If his hair gets too big his face looks fat!

  8. 1st who still has an anwswering machine? Almost everyone I know has abandoned the home phone and is only using their cell now.

    back in the day, yes the "robot" message used to piss me off too.

    I guess I dont care much what kind of hair a man has on his head, as long as he has beautiful eyes.


  9. haha, this is great :)
    if i was a guy, i'd probably do the same thing with my hair.

  10. I had hair like that once too Joe, but now shorter is easier, won't shave it myself and like you don't understand that either.

  11. Ooops, our old answerphone died last month, and I STILL haven't got around to recording a message on the new one (blush). Hey SoccerMum (waving), ME!! I don't have a cellphone out of choice, and I much prefer to screen my calls, on the grounds I refuse to be at the beck and call of everyone - those who have four teenagers living at home (all with their own phones) will probably understand.

  12. Some single women don't put their voices on a home phone machine because it clearly signals that she lives there alone. Unless she actually says "We'll call you back." So, there is at least a safety reason for some people.

    Although I prefer longer hair, I know a lot of men cut it very short for convenience. Only dated one guy with a shaved head, and I think it just fit with his military image. Guess he figured if he was going to be mostly bald, he might as well shave it.

  13. Hahaha...the 'number 4 hair' cut as what you said was making me smile, Joe!!
    I didnt know before that there's such a trend for shaving head for some people...
    but you looked ok with that style...hehe