Monday, September 13, 2010

City Life

The image below is a mural that is located in the Coit Tower in San Francisco.
I thought it might be fun to play a game and see how many mistakes we can find
in the mural, much like Mad Magazine used to do with various pictures:

Here is a quick list of some of the most obvious errors that I was able to
find. I would love if any of you could come up with any that I have overlooked:

1. The green trolley in the upper right is WAY too small to be usable!

2. For that matter, ALL the vehicles in the picture are toy-size.

3. The man in the lower right with the dolly and the wooden boxes is not
concerned that the produce has spilled all over the street.

4. The cop using the call box would be better off using his cell phone.

5. The man in the brown coat on the left has dropped the headline to his
newspaper onto the ground, and is stepping on it.

6. The odometer on the red Buick reads 000000...which would be impossible
unless it was sitting on the assembly line.

7. The woman is wearing a heavy green overcoat...yet the temperature is almost
90 degrees.

8. The temperature is almost 90 degrees...unlikely since it is cloudy, and San
Francisco would not be that warm.

9. Despite the fact that it is cloudy, the temperature is almost 90 degrees.

10. The City Lights sign has a picture of Stan Laurel on it.

Let's see how many errors YOU can come up with!

Peace be with you.


  1. It is so interesting that you found all of those errors - this is the type of painting I could stare at for a long time and just find little stories behind the characters and images. I wouldn't even be sharp enough to notice they were errors unless someone told me to look for them. I'd be lost in the imagination of what was going on around them. You would probably make an excellent video editor. Seriously.

  2. I keep coming in from my patients and looking at the photo...I need time to study this..I will be back with my list later!

  3. Okay..what i want to know is if that carton of Dreyer's ice cream is melted...the one in the lower left hand corner?

  4. Good eye, Susie Q! I think it is probably melted, due to the fact that it is 90 degrees out.
    Now what can you tell me about the alien in the oval glass dome on the top left, right above the Dreyer's ice cream?

  5. I can't enlarge it enough to see a temperature written anywhere - they all seem to be dressed too warmly for summer. But the painting is placed in an era prior to cell phones, so a call box seems appropriate to me.

  6. Actually it looks like the Grim Reaper wearing a cloak. Are we sure this an alien?

  7. Are you sure, secret agent? You can't see the odometer in the Buick either, I'll reckon.
    Are you pulling my leg? Cause I'm pullin' yours!

  8. Too deep for me buddy!
    I was never very good at things like this. I guess that's why I'm not a homicide detective...

  9. Joe...I have a headache from looking at it with my new glasses. Here's what I think...the bulge under the cops coat is a gun and not a cell phone...there are no tracks under the train cars behind the larger truck...there's actually 10 miles on the odeometer.
    And last but not least...that's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get baCK.LOL

  10. Is this like wheres waldo? cause I suck at these kinds of things.
    Very cool painting though.

  11. Oh, you guys will have such fun with Part 2 then...

  12. Actually the odometer appears to be reading 0 but it just turned over to 100,000 miles which would read as 0 on that model car :)